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The Prince George area in British Columbia has a lot to offer domestic as well as commercial home-buyers, from quiet cabins to homely flats for all.

Why Prince George?

In addition to having very amiable neighbors, People at Prince George also live in a unique space that provides all the positive offerings of city life with none of its pesky irritations.

The Fraser and Nechako lend idyllic beauty to this heart of British Columbia, which comes under the alternate, traditional territory of Lheidili T’enneh, which means “the people of the land where two rivers flow together.”

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Many of the beautiful havens here come with four bedrooms, a conservatory, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a library built on lavish acres and nestled amidst gardens Hellenic in their aesthetic appeal, and designed for comfy quietude balanced with urban connectivity: the locale is less than a half-hour ride away from downtown PG. The many end-of-the-road dwellings provide pastoral charm in the heart of urban bustle.

Whether you’re the intellectual who likes a retreat nestled away among verdant greens and cut off from excessive disturbances of the city or more of an athlete looking for some winter adventures, this locality seems to have a lot to offer its buyers. So how is it faring in the market?

Prince George has not much fewer than 400 homes for sale, making it the sixth-largest area in the British Columbia province in terms of available house stock. Single bedroom properties are the most common stock here, but, according to Bob Quinlan of the BC Real Estate Board, such common, less costly properties are going to be snapped up, increasing the value of remaining stock. Economists also surmise that ongoing construction projects are going to catalyze better growth prospects.

In addition, President of the Board, William Lacy, predicted a good performance for the area despite the fluctuations in the surrounding environment. He attributed this to the area’s “diversification” of its economy, a reference to how PG, though dominated by a strong service sector, has seen regular growth in several others, such as forestry, mining, chemicals and even dairy products. He also stated that the heavy influx of people from the south of the province due to higher rates there brought many to Prince George.

As a look at Prince George real estate lists proves, there is a lot of scope for real estate growth, as a number of properties have been made available to buyers for residential and investment purposes. There is great diversity in the offerings, with some houses going above 850 grand while some are priced as low as $114,900, and with several in the middle bracket of around $440k. Expert predictions are borne out by the release of first quarter real estate data for the Northern BC region, which reveals that Prince George real estate listings are at a higher benchmark value than the previous, year – s $309,000 versus last year’s $293,000.

Example of a recent listing. Source: Team Powerhouse Realty

Does all of this seem promising to you as a buyer? If it does, you can check out particular listings using this handy search form.