The roles and lifestyles of men have constantly changed throughout history. The needs of a man have also varied throughout the times. While keeping an axe might seem like a mandatory necessity to some, it doesn’t make sense to someone living in an apartment in the city.

The things we need will obviously differ with our situations and lifestyles. However, there are certain things that every man should have in possession, not just because it is tradition, but because it will make your life easier while encouraging the manliness in you.

A Fully Stocked Toolkit

Whether it is fixing a broken bike for your girlfriend’s little brother, or hanging a ceiling fan in your own apartment, a fully stocked kit is something that will ensure you are a self-reliant man. For most younger men, a toolkit was something their fathers had owned, but now is the time to get one of your own. If you cannot afford a full toolkit, make sure you at least have these 12 toolkit essentials.

A Shaving Kit

A shaving kit is an absolutely essential part of your list of manly things. The reason is simple, it is imperative for a man to always look sharp. Even if you sport a full grown beard, you will need a fully stocked grooming kit to keep it healthy.

A Quality Handmade Bushcraft Knife

Because opening letters should not feel like a task, it should feel like a mission. Moreover, if you are an outdoor enthusiast (like most men), a bushcraft knife becomes a part of your survival necessities. However, keep in mind that this knife will be your companion for life, and it is wise to invest time in finding the one that suits your personality, and is extremely durable.

A Sports Jacket

If you are anything like me, you probably despise shopping. Buying one timeless sports jackets solves two purposes. It is casual enough to wear on a Friday night date and formal enough for a lunch with your boss. If you buy the right one and take care of it, it will last your almost half a decade.

A Black And A Brown Belt

You need two belts that will match all your shoes. Choose classic shades of brown, and a timeless black leather belt. Don’t hesitate to invest in a good pair, because you will be using them for many years to come.

Dress Shoes

A man is always dressed for the occasion, no matter how much he despises it. Make sure you are too, with a pair of classic dress shoes. Same goes for a pair of formal shoes for work.

An Industrial-grade Flashlight

There are just so many situations where a flashlight will come handy, it is extremely tough to pick one. From your guide to when you drop something behind the fridge, your flashlight will be the light of your life in times of electricity cutoffs or camping trips in the mountains.

A Timeless Leather Wallet

Your wallet should be one of the most priced possessions you have. Don’t let it be one of those velcro-lock, denim wallets. Remember your wallet will be with you through thick and thin, make sure you buy one that can last.


More than anything, being a man is about being responsible, and prepared for any kind of situation. While both of these things come from within, the above-mentioned tools with ensuring you are fully equipped for every situation life throws in your direction.