Kids grow up so fast now. We start sending them to school even before they are out of their diapers. Before they go off to a proper school they now have to attend a pre-primary school. This is the place where they learn their first words, how to interact with other children and how to behave in front of adults. It’s true that all these things can be learnt at home as well, but the environment of a school, with lots of other children of the same age can be conducive to the growth of your child.

Hence choosing the right pre-school for your child is very important. There are a lot of good primary schools in Pune. The number of pre-primary schools too is rising day by day. Picking the right one can be a tough decision for any parent. There are a lot of things that make a school a good choice. The faculty, the amenities and the location are the basics. But when it’s your child’s upbringing at stake you need to dig a little deeper. Here are some things you need to look into before picking  pre-primary school  for your toddler.

1. The teacher student ratio: At that young age your toddler requires all the attention they can get. A good student teacher ratio is very important to your child’s development.

2. Importance of books and reading: Make sure the school you choose has an extensive collection of books and stocked library. Pay attention to what language the faculty and assistants use in their school premises while handling kids. This is the place where your child will learn the basics of the language they’re going to use for the rest of their lives, make sure they get the proper start.

3. Importance of playtime: Education isn’t the only aim of a preschool. They learn to interact with their peers as well as the adults here. They learn to share, to communicate and to behave. Playtime plays an important part in shaping how your child interacts with his or her peers. Make sure the pre-school you choose pays special attention to how they provide playtime for their students.