A fly turned into a superstar for a day when he was spotted in Donald Trump’s hair during a rally. “The funny thing was that he was talking about security issues when I dropped in” said the fly, now dead from natural causes. “Life is short but it was wild ride” he was quoted as saying after being caught and almost swatted to death by a trump staffer.

A spokesperson for a Clinton super PAC said “We didn’t know how it was going to turn out but we successfully infiltrated his campaign for a short time”. The fly, caught in trump’s intricate weave and spotted by everyone but Trump during his Anaheim California speech, said, after a harrowing escape, he’ll never work for the Democratic Party again.

Trained in reconnaissance since birth 2 weeks ago, the fly was flown in from New York by a George Soros operative posing as a maintenance worker and let loose in the Anaheim Convention Center Arena. The operative, caught when someone noticed he was wearing an Audemars Piquet on his wrist, was escorted out and thrown to some rabid Trump supporters who tarred and feathered him for good measure.

“I’m never doing that again”, said the fly, nameless because flies don’t have names. “They dropped me from the ceiling over the podium and I have to admit that when I landed in the hair, I was overcome by his hair spray fumes and probably wandered around a lot trying to get my footing. You’ve seen the video.

I was lucky to get out alive. It wasn’t worth the hassle. They promised me 2 weeks in George Clooney’s kitchen garbage at his Los Angeles home. That was never going to happen.”

The fly spent the rest of his natural life clinging to a wall in the Motion Picture and Television Retirement Home.