A more subtle form of doubt has crept into the climate debate even as government agencies confirm what we already know: It was a hot and soppy summer.

NASA said global temperatures broke all-time records in July and August; NOAA said all the lower 48 US states sweltered in those two months, with records shattered in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and California. Nation-wide temperatures tied with 2006 as the fifth warmest summer, with nights sizzling more than ever.

Meanwhile, Hallie Golden described the latest climate wariness: Neo-skepticism. Neo-skeptics affirm the scientific consensus on human-induced global warming but doubt mitigation proposals. After all, they say, there is no harmony on the best solution. Neo-skepticism may breathe new life into the practical outcome of outright climate-change denial, which is declining: We’re forever mired in oil and coal amid the inertia of solution denial. New policies are never implemented.

Golden says there’s a bright side: Neo-skepticism may be a stepping stone for former denialists to join the solution-seeker party. Perhaps it’s a pathway out of denial. Let us pray so.

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