Centrifugal pumps have been designed to suit specific industrial purposes. In India, uses of centrifugal pumps can be noted in various industries, including in daily, food processing, pharmaceutical, light chemicals and much more. Due to its structure and mechanism, centrifugal pumps can deal with lower viscosity applications. The reason for using centrifugal pumps is that they are generally durable and cost-effective. Since they are cost-effective, they reduce production cost in various industrial processes. As a result, businesses can anticipate higher profitability with this kind of pump.

Principles of Centrifugal Pumps

Various types of the centrifugal pump in India have been manufactured to serve different purposes. Apart from standardized designs, you can find custom made pumps that are used in various industrial plants. As the name implies, centrifugal pumps are based on the mechanism of centrifugal motion of force. When liquid is directed to the impeller eye of the pump, circular motion of impeller vanes creates centrifugal force. Due to the creation of rotational motion, fluid gains increased pressure and velocity. The pump casing also helps giving thrust to the fluid to create a higher amount of pressure. The Principle of multistage and single stage centrifugal pumps is indifferent. However, they have different applications in different industrial sectors.

In the following section, let us find some of the applications of centrifugal pumps in various industrial manufacturing plants and purposes in India:

1. General Water Supply

For general water supply purposes, use of centrifugal pumps can be noted. Around 40-50% urban Indian municipal corporations use centrifugal pumps for supplying water in the city. The main highlight is that suction lift has been required, when centrifugal pumps are used. Suction lifts should be not more than 15 feet.

2. Booster Service

Instead of using centrifugal pumps directly to the water supply line, it has been used as a booster in the water supply channel. This type of application of centrifugal pumps can be noted more than 75% city water supply channels in India. Centrifugal pumps can boost fluid pressure immensely as well as effectively with its centrifugal force. In high altitude areas, where water pressure is generally experienced to be low, use of centrifugal pumps as pressure booster can be noted.

3. Fire Protection System

In order to deal with fire hazards, use of centrifugal pumps is noted. 95% fire pumps are centrifugal pumps in India. They are easy to maintain, cost-effective and efficient. With centrifugal pumps, constant water pressure can maintain seamlessly, and this is the reason why fire protection units use centrifugal pumps.

4. Oil Refinery Sector

Centrifugal pumps are used in oil refinery plants. This type of pump can cope with liquids having low viscosity. Thus, for the oil refinery industry, centrifugal pumps are considered as suitable.

5. Food and Beverage Processing Industry

Over 80% food processing units of India use centrifugal pumps. To use centrifugal pumps for food processing industry, it is important to manage as well as the control pressure. Thus, custom made centrifugal pumps are found to be used in food processing industries. For excellent performing, durable and cutting edge products, it is imperative to find reliable centrifugal pump dealers .