As much as my boys and I love to go camping and hiking in the woods, we also get a thrill whenever we go to the beach. So every once in awhile, we would pack our gear and head to a shoreline where we can pitch our tents in the backdrop of the ocean’s magnificence. However, camping on the beach presents certain situations unique unto its environment.

To be able to fully experience what the seaside has to offer, you need to be prepared for eventualities that can arise along one of nature’s most changing and powerful landscape.

These seaside trips with my sons, along with a fair amount of research, have taught us lots of lessons.

I’m sharing a list of beach camping tips that will make your coastal camp out trouble free.

Beach camping tips #4 and #5 can help save your life!

Tip 1: Bring the appropriate equipment

You can also use the sun’s powerful rays to your advantage with solar powered camping equipment. You also have to account for the wetness in your surroundings. This can come in the form of fogs, dampness, humidity, etc. Preferably, you would want to have waterproof packs and bags to stow your gear in case the water becomes a bit too much to handle.

My sons and I can’t stress this point enough in our best beach camping tips list after having slept inside wet sleeping bags a couple of times. 

Tip 2: Stock up on your supplies

Taking the appropriate amount of water is one of the beast beach camping tips that I can recommend. This may seem obvious, but unlike campsites with plenty of fresh water, a place like the beach might not have suitable water sources in case you run out. There are also plenty of portable desalination equipment available online.

If you’re planning to stay for extended periods along the shore, one of the most quintessential activities that you can perform on your beach camping trips is lighting a bonfire. While there is generally plenty of driftwood for fuel, you might want to save yourself some trouble with a complete fire-starter kit.

And speaking of campfires, while you might have already packed your reliable butane stove, it’s a lot of fun to pack plenty of food that you can cook over a campfire. Barbecueing is conducive to the beach setting, while slow-cooking soups and stews warms you during chilly ocean evenings.

Tip 3: Beach and ocean recreation 

Another great way to maximize your beach camping adventure is by having activities that can only done on the shore. My boys have spent many blissful hours building sandcastles and burying one another in the sand. The wide-open space also lets them have free reign with kites and Frisbees. 

Bringing along a football or volleyball livens things up, especially if there are plenty of people around to form teams with. Personally I prefer more tranquil and sedate diversions as opposed to strenuous pursuits. I usually bring along a pair of binoculars to help me take in the view. You’ll be surprised at how many books I finish reading during these outings.

For the water, my sons and I absolutely have to go snorkeling whenever possible. All you need is a mask and a snorkel and you’re ready to explore the marvels below the water’s shimmering surface. If you have the space, having flippers increases your mobility as you navigate through channels and reefs.

Tip 4: Dangers and hazards of the shoreline  

Humans have thrived along the coast throughout history. For those unfamiliar with the ways of the shore, danger can lurk just around the corner. One of the best beach camping tips that I can give is to be constantly aware of your surroundings. Look for hazards such as rip currents and quicksand.

Rip currents occurs in places that have powerful waves. The flow of water back to the sea from these waves can easily pull a hapless swimmer. Quicksand on the other hand, happens when the sand traps water, with the mixture turning into a near-liquid state. When someone steps in this sandy brew, they become stuck and unable to move.

The best thing that you can do when going to the beach is to be able to spot which situations can potentially pose a threat, then steer clear of it immediately.

Tip 5: Be prepared for emergencies 

This brings us to the last topic of our beach camping tips: always be prepared for any eventuality. Having a first aid kit with you should be at the forefront of your beach camping “to bring” list. Make it a habit to always have a reliable form of communication with you, such as a cellular phone or a hand-held radio.

Memorize the numbers and channels of emergency response teams you can call should you find yourself in need of immediate assistance. 

Make That Beach Camping Trip Happen

With these beach camping tips in mind, you are now ready to go to the coast for a pleasurable and safe seaside stay. Take advantage of the unique setting with your loved ones for an unforgettable trip this summer