All of us have received brochures at least for once in our lives and each one of them have one thing in common, i.e., they are boring. Brochures are either full of information as if you are reading a novel or they are so plain that you feel like you are sitting at a dentist’s clinic. It may be of a great use to us but the way it is designed becomes a big turn off. A brochure’s can be very informative but if it isn’t designed in an attractive way then it’s a complete waste.

So, here are 8 methods to improve the brochure designing game so that your information is shared and not wasted.

1. Think simple: Try to choose designs that are simple, effective and creative. In this type of brochure, the title is embossed in a simple and subtle way so that it looks effective. The content should be to the point. The embossed headline will look very classy and certainly will attract more attention.

2. Consider functionality: Initially a brochure design looks simple and boring. It’s the interiors of it that you can work on. Try some floral patterns and stylish designs in the interiors of the brochure to add that surprise element in it.

3. Create impact with simple shapes: Geographic figures that are made to reflect callouts look great in a brochure. The colours, if used in a right way, will help in bringing out the message clearly and in a better way.

4. Keep it linear: You don’t have to get the brochures designed in a particular shape, size or pattern. They can be made in different ways. Instead of folding them or flipping through every page get a brochure printed as a whole.

5. Reflect graphics physically: This ‘classic’ brochure has the graphics reflected in the folds. The brilliantly coloured triangles are the pages that have the information. This makes it very reliable as each element works together to produce a fine piece.

6. Be creative: If you feel like adding items to your brochure designs like CDs, DVDs etc. so display them in a way that looks attractive. Plan a pattern in which the CD comes out instantly when you open the page or it says something like ‘take me out’ etc. It will not only make people happy but will promote you also as a creative brand.

7. Think outside the box and ‘pamphlet: This is something that will bring out your creative best. Instead of giving it a pamphlet like look, design it in way that looks three dimensional and attractive. It helps in creating a lasting impression and engaging the viewer.

8. Incorporate shapes: During brochure designing, rather than opting for square or rectangular shapes try circles, hearts, triangle or whatever suits you. make it look like an unsolved puzzle, the more it will be unfolded the more information it will give.

These ideas will help you in the brochure designing and will surely promote your business. Give it a try!