In some cases, trout prefer flies of a certain moment of their development or a very specific situation, and I detail.

• The ephemeris is the same, but some days they are only interested in those who are about to start the flight or those that are just emerging and capture the interest of the pintonas.

• Another fly that is present are small Plecoptera known with the nickname of Pitillos, are restless flies and that revolutionize the river when they make a presence.

• Free- floating emergent nymphs that are caught in the five centimeters below the surface of the water are usually the most sought after snack that matches the moments of maximum selectivity, and if we do not have that imitation for that situation, we do have Nothing to do, are known as seminacidas, which bring moments of desperation for the mosquitos.

• But the case of the seminacidas at least in the rivers of Leon, are usually very specific moments of the months of September and in greater measure of October, although during this period of the end of the summer and beginning of the fall, the imitations of seminacidas As a rule, good fishing days as far as the activity of the fish, if we are not able to find the imitation of that moment the catches will be abundant.

• In reality, emergencies of olive trees with exuvial remains of reddish tones are going to go very well, it is perhaps the only detail to highlight, since a reddish tone mounted with a silk that fulfills this requirement as far as the color, it confers to Our imitations of emergency for the end of the season an added value that will be decisive.

• Imitations in adult stage few variations, we can tie the same ones we used during the end of the summer, the olives and some imitation of igniting in the image will work. In relation to the size of our flies few changes, although the limitations in 18 hooks have always gone well, there are times when we have to reduce the size. I’m not going to recommend tricopters not because they do not fish, but assemblages of beetles in both adult and emergency work best.

• The olives for the final stretch of the season I prefer to be golden tones, I always carry them in the box, but it is not until the end of the season when I attach one of these olives to the bass line terminal. If autumn brings water as was the case last season, I prefer to mount an olive 431 or 273, maybe it is a mania, but the results rule. Olives when the daytime temperatures gradually fall from day to day take center stage, especially in the tables, perhaps in another part of the river downstream in a stream, or at the entrance of a well, other flies are more effective , But at the tables do not play it, ensure your efficiency with any olive shade you have more at hand.

• Another fly I want to highlight are ants . But I am not referring to these mega explosive hatchings of the flying ants, I mean the classic situation of a trout robotic bait and after removing the four boxes of flies we remember her in the end, is to tie it and almost always has a positive answer. So the ant who is the ugly girl in the box, is there for these moments of bewilderment.