Have you ever seen a woman trying hard to look attractive? She is madly in love with you and wants you to talk to her. Well, every attempt the women make themselves more desirable is not just cut but attractive too. And every man on this planet is ready to admit it, I am sure. However, there are some exceptions to the rule too which we have discussed with our friends have come up with almost 7 things which will surely win your man’s heart.

We agree that we are easily tantalized by the fragrance of your perfume but sometimes putting on too much perfume can make us dizzy.

Most women try their baby voice which they think most men like but trust me it I seriously annoying for us. It makes us lose our temper and at the same time feels as if we are dating a complete dumbo.

When you are planning to gift him don’t look for gifts which you love because for obvious reasons he is definitely going to like it. I remember once I had sent a gift to Australia to my boyfriend which comprises of fresh flowers and they were an immediate turn off for him.

Women these days are usually fond of posing a ‘duckface’ for their selfies which they think is a major turn on for men. Well, that is certainly not the case, men usually feel that in their quest to look like Angelina Jolie they completely look like a duck.

We don’t find them cute when they put a puppy face. It annoys us and makes them look foolish. So the next time you want to please us, don’t try this redundant trick.

Make-up is good but too much make-up becomes way too much. Even if you are mad about make–up, it will be advised that you keep the make-up light before we tell you. ‘Sweetheart! You look plastic.’ It will be really embarrassing for you.

Who doesn’t like gifts? But men usually don’t like gifts when they receive gifts from their girlfriend and that too at their office. It embarrasses them, I remember there was a time when I was far away from my boyfriend and I got am Australia gift delivery to surprise them at his workplace.

If you have one of these things that we have stated above, we are not expecting you to get rid of them in a single flash. But make sure that you control them consciously in order to turn us off.