Well, to begin with let me remind you of something that I am sure you have heard of- shaving leads to faster and thicker hair growth. Heard this right? But, let me tell you here that this is nothing but a myth. There are certain things which for ages have been related to women’s beauty and health, but in reality these are nothing less than a fallacy.

Here we have made a list of the most common myths related to women’s shaving. Read on!

1. Shaving leads to faster hair growth

Most women think that shaving using a women’s razor can lead to thick and faster hair growth. But, believe me this is nothing much than a myth. Hair growth mainly depends on hormones and genetic conditions or can be an outcome of certain medications. Shaving removes the hair only from the surface of the skin and not from the roots. Hence, shaving cannot determine the nature of hair regrowth.

2. Shaving leads to ingrowth

Another myth that is widely believed is that shaving result in ingrown hair. Infact, dermatologists suggest shaving if you have a problem of excessive ingrowth. But, one thing you need to remember is that do not use a blunt razor or shave the same area again and again. This can lead to skin irritation and red bumps.

3. Sensitive areas should not be shaved

It is popularly believed that shaving should be strictly reserved for the hands, legs and underarms only. But, in reality you can shave down there too with a good quality women’s razor. Ladies, if you thought the bikini line cannot be shaved or if you didn’t get the confidence enough for a Brazilian wax, then a good razor can be your best companion. Trim your pubic hairs as much as you can and using foam or soap lather shave shave and shave! All you need is the right tools and razor.

4. Men’s razor will do

Sometimes women use their partner’s razor for getting rid of the unwanted hair. But, this is not the right thing to do. All razors are same is just a big lie! Women’s razors are different, designed in such a way that it protects the soft skin of the female body. The rubber grip ensures a smooth, comfortable shave.

5. Razors lead to cuts

Often you will hear people saying that use blunt razors to avoid cuts. But, that is not at all the right thing to do. You must always use a sharp blade for an effective smooth shave to achieve the silky hair free skin. Whenever you feel that your blades have become blunt, change it immediately to avoid infections.

6. Shaving results in dry flaky skin

Another popular saying goes by the words that shaving results in dry and flaky skin. Well, pre shaving you can apply coconut oil to your skin for providing moisture and enhancing the process of shaving. Next, after the shave is complete use a good moisturiser for a smooth velvety skin.

7. Shaving can be done on dry skin

If you have ever thought of doing this, drop the idea right away! You can use oil or soap to lubricate the skin for the effective and smooth shave.

Buy the right razor!

Shaving is not at all a bad thing to do. Most of the things we hear about the cons of shaving are just myths. Since, now you know now about the myths, buy a good quality razor from online sellers and get access to silky smooth skin.