Power bank, we may call it a lifesaver; a device stores energy to power a device anywhere anytime without connecting it to an electricity socket. Portable power bank compatible with many devices and with the use of it enjoy the best usage of phones and other devices.

Just imagine a harrowing situation; you are expecting to capture a wonderful moment and your phone’s gets switched off due to shortage of phone’s battery. So, power bank can be very useful in this situation to keep going your day.

To keep everything going in your phone, you must have a power bank to boost the battery time to time as per need.

Here is a perfect selection of great portable power banks from the Top UK Stores which is listed below along with their features and specification; you can get it right now: I have tried to familiar you the best selection of fastest charging power bank here, which will help to recharge your phone in a very short time.

1. Portable Charger RAVPower 20100 mAh Built-in AC Outlet Universal Power Bank Travel Charger:

A powerful AC output with a built in AC output for the devices. It looks like the shape of cylinder size with a strong 20100 mAh battery capacity.

This portable power bank can easily charge printers, drones, vacuum cleaner, laptop, camera, tablets and small fans anywhere. But the devices which comes more than 50 W, this power bank not able to charge them.

You will have full power in just plugging-in it for 4 hours but its long lasting battery feature is great. Also, its type-c and USB allows you to fast and simultaneously charging the two of devices may be including an iPhone and Macbook.

Its 5 LED lights indicate the remaining battery and ON/OFF switch for removing the confusions.

Its triple protection feature includes short circuit, overcharge and current surge protection is amazing, with safer use of it like prevents dust entry and safer heat dissipation by air vents.

2. GRADE A1 – ElectriQ Universal Laptop Power Bank :

Its sleek aluminum casing design with power LED light indicators, looks great and made for convenience. It can meet the charging need of every devices and it is possible due to its huge 30000 mAh of battery capacity which is can easily charge the devices.

This power bank is best for charging USB device such as Drone, Game Controllers, and Tablets.

Its huge 30000mAh of battery capacity is enough to charge laptops about 3 times. This power bank can easily charge via USB and it can charge the laptop and USB devices simultaneously.

3. Energizer Max Portable Power Bank (Phone/Tablet) – 10000 mAh : 

Energizer is well known brand of world class batteries and flashlights. Impressive 10000 mAh of power backup with 2 USB outputs allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

It’s slim and compact design is very easy to carry, user friendly. Soft touch finish of product is shows a classic image of it.

This power bank is made to complete all the day needs.

Guaranteed Protection against over charge and discharge, over voltage, low voltage and short circuit, it controls temperature too.

4. PNY Curve 10400 Portable Power Bank – Black : 

Best and most trusted brand globally. Keep your portable devices charged wherever you are, with the 10400 mAh battery capacity power bank. Compatible with every USB devices, also includes USB to micro cable.

Its dual universal USB ports can charge two devices at once.

Sleek and durable design of this power bank is perfect for everyday use.

If you want to charge your Smartphone, then it has an ability to charge your phone up to five times.

Works great with Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Apple iphone and top android Smartphone you use.

5. Juice Power Station 11200 mAh : 

As the name suggest, this power banks has a splendid power of 11200 mAh battery capacity, takes 6-7 hours’ times to charge. The type of battery cell is Lithium-ion battery, a station power bank. Ideal for travel, camping, festivals, home and working days.

This is one of modern accessory and no one is untouched with this gadget because this is the need of modern technology to charge devices anywhere, carry micro USB charging cable. It’s safe to use anywhere, anytime.

6. Maplin 20,000mAh Power Bank : 

Best power bank with the capacity of powerful 20000mAh battery capacity which is enough to charge every types of portable devices you use.

You can guess how powerful it is, can charge Smartphone or tablet up to eight times. Recharge status and remaining battery can be seen by the LED indicator.

It automatically turns off when a device fully charged. You can charge two of devices at the same time. It has universal compatibility features can charge many devices.

7. Xiaomi Portable 10000 mAh Large Capacity Safe Mi Power Bank : 

Stunning and best rated capacity of 10000 mAh power bank, comes world class safety features like: supports feedback protection, voltage output and input limit, charge limit, temperature control.

The smart LED light indicator of this power bank keeps displaying its charging status and battery level.

Its nine layer of world class circuit chip protection is great, also aluminum casing with all types of battery cell technologies.

This power bank is design in such a way compatible with all popular Smartphone.


As you have seen the above list of top best power bank, you can get it as per your need and the requirement of features available in power bank. You have a better option to choose one from the list of seven.

Just compare the price, battery capacity, type of battery, safety certifications, sales and service warranty and then grab it. Always feel proud carry such splendid power bank comes with wonderful features.