A stained crooked teeth not only looks unattractive but also brings in a bad impression. People having stained teeth becomes conscious about their smile and refrain from flaunting their teeth in a public place. If you too have a stained and crooked teeth, you must consider visiting a dentist and get a teeth whitening and smile makeover done right away.

A beautiful smile provides you with the self-confidence that you need. Moreover, only getting a teeth whitening done will not help. You need to take proper care to keep the whiteness intact. Here, we have come up with a few tips that will work wonder for your bright smile!

1. Avoid teeth-staining beverages

Beverages like tea or coffee and even wine may taste good but are bad for your teeth. Regular sipping on these can stain your teeth really bad. You have basically two options. Either you have to avoid the staining beverages to retain the whiteness of your teeth or you should drink these with a straw. A straw keeps the staining beverages away from the surface of the teeth.

2. Brush and floss two times a day

Often there is a misconception that after each meal one needs to brush to avoid teeth stains. But, this is not true. Immediately after your meal, you should avoid brushing as it can damage your enamel. Waiting for at least half an hour after a meal before brushing and flossing can remove the yellow stains as well as keep cavities at bay.

3. Swish after each meal

Make it a habit to swish your mouth with water after a meal. If you munch on the food that can cause stain like pasta sauce or anything related to turmeric or beverages, then swishing your mouth will prevent the staining of the teeth. It will rinse the mouth and flush out the stain causing compounds giving you a white and healthy smile.

4. Stop the use of tobacco

Tobacco not only causes cancer, but also stains the teeth. People who smoke have a more stained teeth compared to others. If you want your smile to be beautiful, you should leave smoking and chewing tobacco. This is perhaps the best step you can take to keep your body health and oral health in a good shape.

5. Be choosy while selecting your mouthwash

Anti- bacterial mouthwash are a great option to keep plaques away. But, you need to be very choosy while selecting a mouthwash as some of these are known to stain the teeth. Instead of going for advertised brands, use the products which your dentist suggests. After all your dentist is well aware of your dental history and present dental condition. He/She will give you the best options available on oral products.

6. Visit the dentist regularly

A compulsory step to maintain a healthy white teeth is visiting the dentist regularly. There are good options available with a cosmetic dentist which can make your smile attractive and retain your youthfulness. Teeth whitening is a great option that you can opt for. Always remember that though there are teeth whitening products available at the drugstore, you should always consult a professional and take their help for any oral health related matter.

Experienced dentists at Grand Rapids!

Whether you have a crooked smile or a stained teeth, the dentists at Grand Rapids have good amount of experience to treat your case with ease. To know their service you need to experience it yourself. Visit your nearest dentist and get ready to flaunt a white, bright smile.