For most people, the toilet seat is the dirtiest part of their home. In our perceptions, it is the single most fertile breeding ground for bacteria that cause diseases and infections. While this is true for most part, there are still places and things in your home that are equally as grimey, if not more. Let us take a quick look at what these items exactly are:

Your Carpet

Believe it or not, but your carpet is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to carrying germs. There is simple logic behind this, bacteria loves to feed on dead skin cells. Coincidentally, humans shed a lot of dead skin every hour of the day. Considering your carpet is spread across your whole house, it acts as a perfect feeding ground for disease carrying bacteria. It is thus imperative that you not only clean your carpet regularly, but get it cleaned from a professional service that offers carpet cleaning in Auckland.

Your Phone

In a study, the screen of a mobile phone and a tablet, and a toilet seat were swabbed for germs. It was found that mobile phone and tablet screens carry as much as 18 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. When you think about it, we use our phones throughout the day, and it changes hands on many occasions, this does not seem so far fetched. Moreover, various studies have found that most of us love carrying our phone to the loo. While it is great to kill boredom in the washroom, leave your phone outside the washroom for the sake of your health.

Your laptop keyboard

A lot of us have the habit of eating between working. Even more people don’t even think about cleaning their laptop keyboards. In a study conducted in London, it was found that keyboards carry as much as five times the bacteria when compared to a toilet seat. Disinfect your computer keyboards and electronics regularly to make sure they don’t become the cause of a stomach flu.

Clothing left in washing machines

The inside of a washing machine is warm, moist, and dark, the perfect recipe for bacteria breeding ground. Make sure you never leave your laundry inside the washing machine for too long, and drain all the water out once you are finished.

Your Handbag

Believe it or not, an average handbag carries 3 times as much bacteria as an office toilet seat. The most infected part is the handle of a bag. Moreover, it was found that bags that were used regularly carried up to ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The worst part is, even face creams and lotions found inside the bags carried enough germs to make you very sick. Make sure you clean your handbags regularly, and if you are using leather handbags, regularly wipe them with disinfectant wipes.

Pet Areas

As much as we all love our pets, there is no denying that they are dirty. Not only is this harmful for their health, the bacterias they carry can affect your and your family’s health as well.

Pets play outside almost on a daily basis, doing all sorts of crazy stuff. Moreover, in most cases, pets receive baths much less than us. This is bound to accumulate bacteria in their surroundings. Make sure they are regularly disinfected, including their bowls.