Do you have a seemingly bulletproof business idea? Well, join the party in that case. All across the US there are a total of 27 million entrepreneurs who believe that they have a business model that cannot fail.

The harsh truth is – only one in ten startups actually succeed in creating a sustainable and scalable business, and keep their doors open for longer than five years. The top reason why 90% of entrepreneurs will never last long enough to see any return on the investment is because they didn’t research the market. Actually, a total of 42% of startups that fail, fail because they tried to push and sell a product nobody really wants.

But even the ones that do have a useful, ingenious product, will potentially fail for many other reasons. 29% of these entrepreneurs failed simply because they lacked funds, and had no actual insight about their spending and accounting. 23% of them couldn’t find a team of skilled workers to keep their business running. Poor marketing, competition too strong, even a bad location – those are all reasons why a small business will never expand, and will ultimately fail within just two years.

However, by keeping your eyes on the prize, and through automated insights and real time data – you can clearly establish which sections of your business model require attention. And with the following 6 starter kit startup building tools, you can overcome most of the issues that struggling entrepreneurs face when they launch a business.


A collaborative platform of this sort is essential when you start thinking about project management. In Asana, you can keep track of projects, write standard operating procedures for your team members, automate reports and keep all important files. The best thing about this tool is that it is free for smaller teams, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Right from the dashboard of this nifty tool (which is available both as a SaaS and as a mobile device application), you can observe the progress of the overall tasks, milestones reached, making every aspect of your business presented in a completely transparent manner.


If Skype is not working for you, and you are looking for a free alternative, this application (available as desktop and as a mobile application) will change the way of communications for good. In the free version of Slack, you are able to integrate your collaborative platform, set preferences in accordance to your needs and working hours, and once that app self-starts itself you are online and ready for work. If you get a new task, a simple integration will notify you instantly. So no need to check your email. Even if you want to make note of something that you are talking about with your teammates at the moment, you can do it right from that same app. Slack is the best example of how communication can be simplified.


Now that we went through a couple of tools that you can get absolutely for free (at least the basic versions of them), and you managed to gain a couple of customers, it is time for you to start investing in your company. A Customer Relationship Management tool is an application that you will definitely need if you want to keep your clients happy and coming back for more. Believe it or not, 65% of your revenue will come from referrals of your satisfied customers. So in order to get more sales, you need to invest in your customers. A tool like Nimble can help you keep track of the customer’s satisfaction, progress of the sale, but even of their social media profiles and email correspondence. You are even reminded to respond to your customers, in case that you forget.


Investing in SEO and digital marketing is always a smart decision, and is definitely something that your competition is doing vigorously. But searching the web for cross promotion opportunities, websites to build links to your business, and overall make your page rank higher in the search – all of those undertakings are extremely time consuming. But with a tool like Dibz, you are able to automate this process to the extent where you can assemble a list of websites that are willing to promote your business by linking back to it. With just a few clicks, you can generate a list of thousands of webpages that you can reach out to and ask for backlinks. By eliminating all the time consuming search, you are able to focus your marketing efforts, get the best quality links, stay relevant within your niche, and rank high in Google search. You even get an email of the website that you need to reach out to automatically.


The moment your marketing efforts kick in, and your business starts skyrocketing, you will definitely think about how you can improve the customer’s experience. If you are working in any type of an Ecommerce set up, sooner or later you will want an app that can be downloaded from the App store, allowing users to access your products and services instantaneously. I know what you are thinking – it sounds great, but a project of that sort is extremely expensive and difficult to manage, right? Wrong. With a tool like BiznessApps, you can get a mobile app maker that will build your platform within hours, and once you test the product you can always upgrade it and alter it. Building a custom tailored application for your business has never been done easier.

Market Hub

At the very end, there is no reason why you should stop there. If your projects are managed flawlessly, your team communication is in real time and your marketing efforts are able to push your app to even more users – you can always think about expanding more. And what better way to automate this process than to use an app like Market Hub? With lead generation application, your prospecting for potential customers is brought down to a minimum of effort, and a minimum of time. With Market Hub, you are able to stay relevant within your niche, keep your social media followers included, and gain more leads for your business. Once you share an article, and a potential lead clicks through to it, they won’t just get relevant content – they will also get a call to action button inviting them to try out your services, making every piece of content your personal PR.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? While, of course, running a business actually isn’t simple at all, it is also quite manageable for a diligent entrepreneur to keep his business running, and growing, with the use of the aforementioned 6 starter kit startup tools. So start today.