Kayaking can be boring or interesting depending on how you look at it. Your first experience could have been horrible or breathtaking. With the following tips, you can improve your kayaking skills and have a better more satisfying experience.

1. Be at ease

The sea can be terrifying if you think of all the creatures who would gladly feast on your flesh. If you’re hydrophobic, practice on a small water body first like a swimming pool or a swamp. Being at ease means relaxing your muscles and pushing aside all of your worries especially when you’re in the sea. You need to be fully composed when you’re doing all those skills. Have peaceful thoughts.

2. Do physical exercise

To be able to navigate the sea, you need to have strong muscles on our arms, back, the core, the chest, and the thighs. As you paddle, believe it or not, you use all those muscles. You need to be physically fit to avoid injury and to have an easy time paddling. I’m not saying you get Superman’s body but if you can why not?

3. Appropriate gear

You can either buy or rent gear. I prefer buying because it saves you money in the long run. Whichever means you prefer getting your gear, ensure that it fits you well. Most kayaking gear is usually made of swimming, surfing or biking outfits. Get one that you will feel comfortable in. If you’re comfortable, you will paddle easily and have an amazing experience. It doesn’t have to be tight-fitting, but it must be comfortable.

4. Find the correct boat

Kayaking boats come in different sizes to fit all riders’ needs. When choosing one, don’t just settle for any, you need to consider a few factors. Think about how tall or short you are, how much weight you have. You need to find one that is meant for your specification.

5. Be safe

The sea is a world of its own with its ecosystem. Accidents may happen when you’re kayaking. You, therefore, need to find an extra gear to keep you safe as you kayak. You should have a reflective floating vest so that you’re easily spotted and a helmet to prevent head injury in case of incidents. It would be appropriate to have water goggles to protect your eyes from the sea water.

6. Extremely utilize your skills

To be a pro at kayaking, you need to go the extra mile & read this post. Don’t be scared to perform those skills you consider scary. Although it’s had to perfect those skills, you need to practice. Every time you kayak do something different. You’ll be thrilled how far you can push your body.

With the above tips, you can get pumped for kayaking. Don’t let fear hold you back. If you have kayaking on your bucket list, it’ time to tick that as done.