We can’t deny that smartphones are THE thing of this century. Technology is right at our fingertips and it’s crippling the computing industry. But these reasons may perhaps give you a reason to hold back or cut down on your smartphone usage.

#1: They decrease Your Attention Time Span in the Long Run…Permanently

Social apps like Twitter and Instagram usually have word limits due to the way they work. What actually happens is that your brain will hard-wire itself to focus only for that few lines in the long run. What is the long term result? You will not be able to focus on essays or even long detailed reports.

#2: They Endanger Your Life Because Your Eyes are On It

It’s illegal to use your cellphone while you’re driving in more than half of the states in America. Why? There has been a rise in fatal road accidents just because of the use of cellphones. If it’s a call, use a Bluetooth. Anything else can wait – your life is more important than a call or text.

#3: It Reduces the Time Spent with People Around You

Social media is a good alternative given that most people have family all around the country and/or world. While you may want to keep in touch with them, you may realize that you’re not really that close to the people who are around you physically – those can that be the first few to come to you when you need help. While being connected, we lose our connections.

#4: They Reduce Your Situational Awareness

Using smartphones greatly reduce the visual range to just that typical  5 inch diagonal screen, and you may miss out that the life partner you’ve been waiting for was right at the corner? Or probably the robber that’s holding a knife and waiting to grab that smartphone off your hand.

#5: They Degrade The Quality of Living

Just like monitors on computers, smartphones emit radiation as well. While not noticeable in the short run, people who are sensitive to radiation will experience lack of quality sleep and migraines. In the long run, it can also induce myopia and astigmatism caused by using phones.

#6: It Will Let you Lose The Human Touch

Not everyone uses social media to let others know what they’re going through. Moreover, liking a status is a mere acknowledgement, which would probably mean nothing when the other party is in trouble or life and death situation. These are better off with real help from real people whom really step in.

This article is not telling you that smartphones will make people lose their humanity, but it is a wake up call to show how big the impact is, if you’re unable to control what you have in your hands.