Japanese birth rate plunges to record low and Singapore’s following closely behind. So, why aren’t Asian people getting married and having babies?

#1:  Taking Care of Children Is Not Productive

Given this day and age where productivity and efficiency are the key phrases that are chiming everywhere, Asian parents can’t afford the downtime that comes along with having children.

#2: Work Takes Up Too Much Time

Typical Singaporeans work an average of 8.8 hours daily and the average Japanese work over 15 hours a day. With such long hours, why would lovemaking be part of the picture?

#3: There Is No Time for Relationships. What! More Family?

Concurring to the point above, given the long work hours, people do not have extra time to explore for their partner. This is one of the reasons why social apps for dating are so popular now.

#4: People Are Not Earning Enough

The Gini coefficient in Singapore is reaching one of the peaks with the influx of the high net worth individuals flocking to Singapore – if Singaporeans can’t even earn to sustain their own meals, how can they earn enough for the children’s meals?

#5: Housing Is Too Expensive

Prior to having children, parents will consider having a place to call their own due to the culture in Asia. Based on the current property value in Singapore, it costs over USD$300,000 for a mere 90 square feet apartment – how many people can even afford to have one?

#6: Most Asians Are Sensitive to Numbers by Nature and They Are Made for Business

This is probably the reason why Asians perform better in mathematics than anything else. Given that in mind, they are able to calculate whether their total income they have warrant the possibility of having children. If it’s impossible to take care of expenses until the child completes university, why bother?

So there you have it, the reasons for low birth rates in Asia. It’s pretty much a social issue now, and we’ll have to see what the Asian leaders will do to resolve this issue as a whole, Asian style.