Articles with numbered lists tend to go viral on the internet nowadays. You want to know why? Here’s why.

#1: They are Easily Understood
Given the fast paced society out there, everything needs to be fast. It’s also known that you’ll secure a fantastic job if you can sell yourself in just a single page as a resume. How many words would there be in a page like that? Barely 300. How do you do that? Craft it with witty punch lines that capture the attention of the reader. Similarly, articles like these are usually crafted to put everything in precision – like an espresso for a busy day ahead.

#2: They are Easy on the Eyes
What would you prefer to read – a 10,000 word essay without any proper formatting or a book of “50 Shades of Grey”? There’s a reason why E.L James was named the Publishing Person of the Year. Most of such articles have less than 200 words per point, so you wouldn’t realize that you’ve read so much until you see how small the scroll bar is at the side. If you’re able to finish this article in barely ten seconds, that’s cause you’re only reading the headers – which brings us to the next point.

#3: They Cater to Almost All Readers
Let’s face it – there are different crowds for different types of articles. But such articles cater to a wide market crowd. Don’t have time? Just read the headers – they are the crux of the section. Have more time? Read up further to see what’s the author has to say about it. Talk about meeting consumer demands – this will be a best seller if it’s a product.

#4:  They’re Easier to Agree/Disagree On
By the time you read this, I believe you would realize that you’d be reading into the details of this point. Most articles would require quite some deep reading for the readers to feel whether  they should agree with them or not, but with these formats it makes people have the initial concurrence already done – right when they have read the subheader. First impressions count, period.

#5: They Require Less Time and Effort
It takes two to clap for almost everything in life. With the change of the society now, not many people will have time to read full length articles. The formatting allows much more mind work to be done as compared to eye work – it is more thought triggering than anything else, just by reading the headers.

#6: They Let Readers Have Their Own View
We are in the times where we need to have our own rights, and that includes our own thoughts. Given that the articles are often open ended, it gives the reader the liberty to have all other thoughts yet retain their point of view.

And there you have it. Will anyone make this article go somewhat viral for me?