We all have heard already and know the very fact that reading is a good habit and if you’ve a habit of reading bedtime stories to your kids, there couldn’t be anything better than this. However, have you ever considered the idea o reading these bedtime stories to your infants, as well? Yes, you heard it right! You should definitely consider this idea if you hadn’t thought about it yet.

You’ll be surprised to know that reading to your infant baby will not only contribute towards the development of his/her growing brains but will also help to develop their lifelong love of reading and good literature. Apart from helping them with their speech pattern, reading has a lot many other roles to play in your infant’s life:

  1. Through focusing on colorful pictures in the book, infants are able to develop better eye-muscle coordination.
  2. By reading to your baby, you’ll help them in developing better language and communication skills.
  3. The regular reading to your babies will make it easier for them to understand the concept of letters, words, numbers, colors, shapes and will also help them to enhance their vocabulary from a very early age.
  4. Reading can also help your kid to become a language expert by reading to them.
  5. Reading enhances their memory and listening skills.
  6. Reading also gives a chance to your kids to look, point, touch, and answer questions that eventually enable them to have good social development and thinking skills.

Most importantly, reading helps you to develop a special bond with your infant ad if you’re able to make it a fun activity for your kids; they will always look forward to it and will ultimately develop a lifelong strong connection with the books.

There are a lot of baby books stores in Sydney that will help you choose the right book for your baby growth. The first and foremost criteria for choosing a book for your baby is it should be easy to hold and be manipulated by them (like chewing or tearing pages!). The most popular ones are the one in heavy cardboard (board books), cloth, plastic and in even wood material.

It simply doesn’t matter, if your infant is able to understand the words or not. Babies love to hear voices with different rhythms and sounds which occur due to different themes and storylines used in the books and that’s why, it’s never too early to start reading books to your children.