1. Make your bed: Even if you just quickly pull the comforter over the sheets, do not leave your house without making your bed.

2. Empty the sink: Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wash your breakfast dishes or rinse them & put them in the dishwasher.

3. Wipe it down: As soon as everyone is ready to head out the door, do a quick wipe down of kitchen & bathroom counters, sinks & appliances. Also, swish toilets with a toilet brush.


1. Clean the Floors: Do a quick sweep of your kitchen and family room areas—a small handheld vacuum is a wonderful tool to make the crumbs disappear.

2. Clear Clutter: Take a basket through each room and fill it with all the items that need to be put away. Once the basket is filled, put the items where they really belong.

3. Prepare for Tomorrow: Pack backpacks & briefcases, find keys, layout clothing— do whatever you can make your morning routine easier. Also, use this time to hang up clothes, coats & towel.