A study by the Career Advisory Board focused on job preparedness shows clear evidence as to why so many job seekers can’t find work: They are taking advice from the wrong person.

Exactly When Did Americans Become Job Search Pros?

58% of job seekers said they are using their own experience to map out and execute their job search. Meaning, they aren’t getting help from proven experts on the subject because they feel they are skilled enough to find work on their own. Ironically, I was one of those people – this article shares the story of my need for an extreme career makeover.

I’m just curious: When did the people in this poll get trained in the proper technique for marketing themselves to employers?

Better still, let me ask you this: Would you pull your own tooth, or operate on yourself? How about represent yourself in a court of law? Of course not – you’d rely on a pro to help you. And yet, landing a job, the main source of our income and identity doesn’t require expert assistance? One of the primary reasons people struggle to find work is the use of poor job search techniques. In fact, the Career Advisory Board’s study proved it…

83% of Employers Say They Can’t Find the Right Talent

The same survey revealed only 17% of hiring managers feel the talent they need for their jobs are out there. In short, the other 83% of hiring managers are looking at the hundreds upon thousands of job seekers who have applied to their open positions and said, “Nope. You aren’t a match.”

To me, that makes one thing clear: The self-taught approach job seekers are using to market themselves is failing them. We’ve got two ships passing in the night in the hiring world – and for those looking for work, we can’t just point a finger. Here’s why…

Poor Hiring Practices Are a Problem – Your Problem!

You may be thinking the employers need to do a better job of seeing a candidate’s potential. Yes, I would argue recruiters could be less picky about what they want and be more open in their searches. However, let’s not forget the fact that they are the consumers – a.k.a. the people with the money to buy your services. In the business world, we don’t get angry at the customer because they can’t see the value in our services. Instead, we work harder to prove to them (also known as marketing) we are what they need.

The same applies here.

As a business-of-one, job seekers need to take responsibility for their job search skills, or lack thereof.

Evidence Proves: Stop Being Your Own Coach

If the above argument hasn’t convinced you it’s time to seek help, then these sobering stats might. If you have been out of work for a month or longer, you are being discriminated against. Don’t believe me? Read this article by the Huffington Post that proves it: Report Shows Discrimination Kicks in After One Month of Unemployment.

More importantly, if you don’t up your skill level and get hired soon, another Huffington Post article proves it will be harder for you to get a job in 2 years than a convicted criminal. Read that one here: Long-Term Unemployed Worse Than Criminal Record.

I think the above stinks. But, it’s reality. That’s why I encourage job seekers to accept unemployment discrimination exists – so they can start to figure out how they will beat it. In my experience you can. I’ve seen people who have been out of work for 4 years find a job. It started when they realized there was a problem and invested time in getting some help.

Please, if you aren’t getting traction in your job search, then I strongly encourage you to seek professional help – and I’m not talking about just paying for a resume re-write. I’m talking about real help in understanding what it takes to build and execute a proper job search strategy that will enable you to land a job and keep your dignity in the process.

P.S. Pro Athletes and Executive Do It, Why Shouldn’t You?

A final thought: Elite athletes and c-suite members all retain coaches to help them improve their game. They want to win. So do you. Why then, are you not getting the expert help you need? You deserve the same support!

My Offer to Test Professional Help

To get you started, I have a four-part video series that will walk you through the Ultimate Technique for an Easier Job Search.

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