Every business implement the salesforce CRM in their organization with high expectation of increased sales, productivity and visibility of their sales. Before implementing salesforce, proper planning is very necessary. With proper planning, some of these implementations go very smoothly, but sometimes the opposite happens. Such implementations barely meet the expectations and ROI is just marginal.

There are some steps to avoid salesforce implementations failure:

Make sure you have a clear purpose and clear vision: Mostly, the management does not have clear goals of implementing salesforce CRM other than to increase sales. Know your goals and make sure they are time-bound and measurable. Determine what CRM business problems you are working to solve, then review the relevant products to solve them.

Integrate Salesforce with other Systems: If you want to maximize your salesforce investment, it is very necessary to integrate salesforce with other business applications in your organization. It means having data from all systems readily accessible, being able to integrate external Web services, and connecting business processes across departments, applications and partners.

Improve User Adoption: For any software tool, one of the key criteria for success is the software being used consistently and persistently. That’s the reason, user adoption plays very crucial role to make your salesforce implementation successful. Getting your users to adopt salesforce is critical for meeting revenue objectives. So, get users to realize value of adopting salesforce and encourage them to use it.

Keep your Implementation Simple: Don’t add too many features which in turn make it difficult to users to adopt the CRM solution. Keep it simple. Ensure that what you roll out for your company’s users makes it easier and more satisfying for them to do their jobs. You also want to make it easier for your customers to communicate with your company. Don’t think like an IT worker. Think like a user who doesn’t have all your IT prowess and experience. Because the easier it is for your staff and your customers, the more successful your CRM implementation will be for your company. And that, put simply, will be one of your most important indicators of success.

Provide proper training: Conduct a proper training session and put a solid training plan in place to ensure users understand how to effectively use the system. Mostly, the teams receive no training and thus a perfectly implemented new system is not used to its full potential.