Business owners must invest a significant amount of time and effort in developing marketing strategies that will foster long-term relationships with customers. When it comes to running an online business, they may face unique challenges, as they do not deal directly with their customers face to face. However, with careful consideration, online businesses can retain their customers by following these five strategies:

Straightforward Costs


Customers are more inclined to trust stores that are upfront about costs. Surprise or hidden costs will not resonate well with customers. In fact, you certainly risk losing them by tacking on additional costs that do not show up until the end of the transaction. Be up front about your shipping costs, as well, so you will not surprise customers by the end of the transaction when they are excited to complete their purchase. Hidden costs are enough to cause a customer to cancel a transaction and refrain from shopping with you again.

Develop a Customer Loyalty Plan


Businesses often attract repeat customers by developing a customer loyalty program. Rewarding customers for repeat purchases is a marketing idea that companies have adopted because it works. Because there are such plans in operation today, you can adopt one that best suits your business. You can adopt a scaled-down model or even a fully automated plan that rewards customers when they make repeat purchases or when they refer new customers to your store.

Seals of Trust


Many shoppers rely on seals or marks of trust on websites before shopping with the business. These marks are awarded by third party companies that evaluate your website. If they deem your online store trustworthy, they will award it with a mark of trust that you can display on your website. This additional proof of your trustworthiness goes far with customers. The more trustworthy your business, the more it can maintain its customer base.

Customer Accounts

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When you create customer accounts, you effectively set the stage for future transactions. With prefilled information, your customers can more easily make subsequent purchases. You will need to invite customers to create these accounts after their first purchase. Many will as a matter of course, but you can also entice them with the promise of a digital coupon when they set up their store account with you.

Awesome Customer Service

Any time you can deliver personalized customer service; you are likely to benefit from the effort. Let customers know that they are not merely a number. If a problem arises, be sure to touch base immediately with your customer to exact a positive solution. You can also go a step further after the transaction to give them a gift or coupon as a way of apologizing for any inconvenience. Such personalized attentions are apt to go far with your customers–even if their first transaction was not perfect.

When you take measures to ensure that your customers remain customers, you can create a stable customer base on which to grow. The more time you invest in securing your regular customers, the less effort you will need to employ to fill the gaps that occur when customers leave.


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