Everyone faces such a “rut” at some point of time in their life. Debts with a one week deadline, your life partner is in a complex relationship with friend. Wanting to make your dream happen but lacking the one thing – money. Here’s how you can work on getting out from that vicious cycle that makes you feel helpless.

 #1 Break Rules and Principles

We are born in an environment where our parents and forefathers have set up rules to ensure that tragedies don’t happen. You need to tell yourself that those were set in their time and not yours. While you have to break traditions, be sure that you are aware of the consequences. Your morals at stake here.

 #2 Break Your Limits

You need at least 8 hours of sleep a day. You need to eat at least three meals a day. You need your girlfriend beside you all the time. Face it. Like rules and principles, you can’t afford to have them if the situation doesn’t allow you to. This is a test to your own limits and you should be proud if your limits gets further. But remember that there’s always a limit – your health and your relationship’s health. Don’t damage them to a point where it’s irreversible.

#3 Focus on the Core Necessities

In times of crisis you will need to break down your needs and make sure you identify them clearly. What is more important to your situation at hand? Lower your requirements for anything that doesn’t matter and do everything else to maximize your efforts in resolving the problem. This is especially applicable to financial difficulties.

#4 Do Whatever You Can

There are times where you think you’ve done everything you could. Are you sure that is true? It may more likely that you left some things out because you can’t see yourself doing it. Give it a thorough run-through and make sure that you have exhausted all available options. Here’s more guides on maximizing resources – For food expenditure, eat home cooked food rather than eating out. Get people who are in the best position to help you out with the situation, like providing help to tide over the finances while you earn the money, or to get to connect to people who can help.

#5 Be Responsible For Whatever Happens

When you have done what you can, there isn’t much left to do but to see what will turn out. Just like Murphy’s Law, whatever will happen, will happen. If it turns out well, be sure to thank the people who helped you out or give your body a big break for all the strains you’ve done to it. Remember that the only way to move on is going forward, even if the going goes tough.