Nowadays it’s unnecessary to have attended university and have sufficient funding, take out UK student loans to start a career in the UK legal industry. There are recognised certifications you can easily obtain. Legal secretarial training in London and many parts of the UK, is offered at numerous tiers without any knowledge and will most definitely provide a good, firm understanding of the actual legal world.

A good standard of education along with the drive to want to succeed in the field of law can land you a fantastic role as a legal secretary. Getting your foot in the door of a reputable small firm is a wonderful way to start your legal career. You could even find yourself progressing quickly, learning additional legal skills and obtaining qualifications, which in turn could open doors to career success without a degree.

You most definitely need to be assertive and a fast learner, a secretarial superstar. Legal secretaries are renowned for providing the foundations of any legal firm when it comes to the smooth running of a legal business. Helping support legal professionals, from administrative tasks to the groundwork of legal documents, multi-tasking in addition to essentially running the business on behalf of the business owners. It’s not been unknown for legal secretaries to do all the typing, prepare and give out quotes, field calls on behalf of lawyers, the list can be endless.

1. It Goes Without Saying Get the Proper Training

GCSE’s or the equivalent is usually all that is needed to become a UK legal secretary. On the other hand, to increase your own employability, consider how vital additional education is. Sign up for a UK legal secretarial diploma in London or find yourself a, UK recognised certified program.

2. Gain Real Work Experience

Select a secretarial training program that can arrange for short temporary internships with attorneys. Also get in touch with small legal professionals locally to ask about internships or temporary job opportunities. Once you have been put into a legal office, ask to assist a paralegal. This will provide you with the perfect training to become a legal secretary. If you cannot obtain training in a law office, look for additional opportunities to expand your administrative knowledge in alternative fields – the key is to get real on the job secretarial experience. Read how Karen Siggs defined her new role as a Legal Secretary in London. 

3. Building Upon Your Individual Unique Strengths

Everybody has their own set of strengths. The key to succeeding in different situations, either personally or professionally, would be to identify your strengths and make sure they fit the situation or job you’re undertaking. Making the best usage of your own strengths focuses on doing what you are skilled at instead of what you are presently capable of. You’ll then become more involved in the task plus perform at a higher level.

4. Sharpen Your Computer Skills

Large law firms usually require a UK legal secretary to be able to type 65-80 words per minute, whilst entry level secretarial jobs may accept a slightly lesser speed (around 45-50 words per minute). Any secretarial role will require you to master software packages, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It’s worthwhile investing your time in learning and mastering the many packages Microsoft office has to offer. Consider enrolling in starter or advanced training in Microsoft packages courses to develop your skills.

5. Improve Your Current Writing and Grammar

Legal secretaries are required to write correspondence as well as legal agreements from dictated tapes or hand-written comments. If you are you’re not confident in essential grammar and spelling, consider taking a writing class. Study legal terms every legal secretary is expected to know so that when they do come up in your role, you will fully understand their meaning.


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