Does the roof on building need repair? Fixing it as soon as you can might help to prevent additional damage. However, you do not rush to hire a Cleveland roofing company. You have to do some homework. Failure to do the needful might land you into the hands of roofers who do not have the best record of accomplishment or expertise for this kind of job. For your help, here are 5 tips to hire the roofing company.

Hire a licensed and insured roofing company

A roofer with a license shows that he possesses the precise knowledge in handling this kind of work. Being insured is a good sign. It means you will get compensated for property damage and personal injury that might arise from the roofer’s work. You must check the roofer’s licensure through contacting Cleveland licensing bureau. Then you can present the insurance policy number to confirm that the roofer is insured. Avoid hiring roofers who are not insured or licensed.

Do not make upfront payment

A roofing company which asks you to pay upfront should be avoided. It is a red flag. They might be planning to steal your money or to use it to finish another project. Regardless of the reasons they might give you, never fall for such a company. Any trustworthy company will be motivated to work towards getting the last payment. Thus, avoid hiring roofers who are money driven to fix your leaking roof. You will live to regret it.

Must have a physical business location

Some roofers make money by traveling through towns. These leave unfinished jobs after taking people’s money. Due to their nature of the operation, they do not have an office where to find them. Keep away from such companies. A well established and successful Cleveland roofer company always has a physical location. This is where their personnel are dispatched to handle client’s work. You can always pay them a visit when something important arises.

Local references are relevant

It is a good idea to hire Cleveland roofing company which allows you to view their past work. Get on the phone and talk to those customers to find out what they think about the company’s services. You can as well pay them a visit actually to see the work done by the roofer. A Cleveland, OH, company which purports to only have out of town references is not a good choice.

Clear understanding of your roofing system

Commercial roofers are usually in individual roofing systems. To make a quick buck, some companies take on work they are not familiar with. You might not get too happy with the work done by such a company. It is because each roof system has different requirements regarding repair, installation or maintenance. The best idea is to hire a company with experience working with your building’s roof system.


Not all commercial roofers provide the same level of service. So, it is important that you evaluate a roofer before you can assign them to handle your project. The tips given above might help you find a reputable Cleveland roofer to do great work for you.