If graduation is just around the corner, you are probably wondering what your life will be like after you are finished with school. Surely you want things to be awesome, correct? But, how do you define awesome? If you were to ask most recent, or ‘soon to be’ college graduates, chances are they would say that winning at life after graduation means being satisfied with every aspect of your life. Many might even define an awesome life as one where you look forward to waking up each morning. If you are interested in winning at life after graduation, here are some things that you can do while you are in school and after you graduate.

Get Ahead Financially by Earning Money in College


The more money you earn in college, the better off you will be after college. Students who earn cash while they are in school tend to accumulate less debt through credit cards or student loans. There are many ways to earn money in school. Some are more traditional. Working as a server, tending bar, cashiering at grocery stores, and working in retail sales are very common jobs for college students. Some qualified students can earn money working on campus through work study programs. Students who don’t have many job opportunities available to them shouldn’t lose hope. There are many creative ways to earn money, such as selling items on the internet.

Establish a Great Circle of Friends: Then stay in Touch

find a friends

College graduates today realize something that previous generations didn’t figure out. A rich social life that is full of meaningful friendships and fun interactions with others is key to living a great life. In fact, many millennials have said that friends and a great social life are actually a higher priority for them than a well-respected job or good salary.

Find a Great Place to Call Home

Great Place to Call Home

All too often, when students finish school they focus solely on getting a job with the best salary and benefits possible. As a result, they accept jobs and relocate without investigating whether or not they will be happy in their new location. In other cases, students finish school and move back home, simply because that is what they feel obligated to do. Rather than setting themselves up for misery, students should take the time to research various places to live and then select several that are a great fit for them. Then, they can look for jobs in those areas.

Make Volunteering a Habit

Volunteering as a Habit

True community membership requires active participation. One aspect of this is helping others within the community through volunteer work. Volunteering puts recent graduates in the position of relating to and interacting with various members of their community. This is a great way to make changes and to establish oneself as a leader within the community. What could be better than that?

Find a Job that you Love


Don’t be confused by this. A job that you love may not be directly related to your major. A job that you love may not guarantee upward mobility. People who know you may not brag to their friends that they know somebody that works at your job. What you will gain from having a job that you love is the security of knowing that you will feel happy every day when you go into work. Most of us spend a third of our lives or longer at work. Why suffer? Find a job that appeals to your true interests, passions, and talents. You will be happier in the end.