Feeling grumpy of late? Can’t find the energy to finish your work? Repeated sleep deprivation can become a serious hazard to your health before you even know it. There are many factors which interfere with a good night sleep – from our smartphones to pressure at work, from our family responsibilities to relationship issues.

It’s no wonder that getting a good night sleep is like finding a needle in a haystack. No matter how hard you try, you just don’t seem to rest well. You might not be able to control all these factors, but what you can do is to adopt better habits that would nudge you towards a better sleep. Let’s check out these simple tips!

Take a bath every night

Especially if it’s warm out there and you can’t afford air conditioning, taking a bath every night is an excellent idea to prepare your body for sleep. Sweat often makes our life hell. Some of us radiate heat while sleeping at night. To counter these unwanted habits of ours, all we need is to take a bath every night just before we go to sleep. Apart from being simple and free, this method works all the time!

Stretch before sleep

Stretching before bedtime is not the same as your daily exercise. Rather, it works only to relieve tension on your body parts to give you a good night sleep. There are some exercises, such as “hip-opening” practices, which can reduce the pressure on your legs to make them comfortable and give you a good sleep.

One of those exercises is known as “calming hip.” For this, all you need to do is lay on your back and bend both knees. Afterward, point your feet towards the sky and hold them with your hands. Make sure your legs are on the inside of your arms.

Finally, using your arms, you should press your knees to touch the floor below your armpits. Make sure that everything is relaxed and gentle as you do this. Remain in this posture for five breaths.

Your bed should be comfortable

Despite the fact that we spend a third of our lives in the bed, most of us don’t take into consideration purchasing a bed that is comfortable. A comfortable bed has three requirements: the pillows should be cool, the covers should be breathable, and the mattress should fit snugly. If any of these are absent, consider having a deep look at what needs to change to make your bed comfortable. You should consider investing in bamboo bed sheets, as they can provide an increased level of comfort. DekorTips.com has an excellent guide covering different bamboo bed sheets reviews.

Pay attention to your diet

I know some of you might be on a special diet trying to lose weight. However, going to bed on an empty stomach will give you a hard time falling asleep. Alcohol or caffeine-rich drinks can also keep you up more than you want.

Listen to some music

Can music help you sleep? You bet it can. Various studies carried out in the world support this argument. If you listen to classical music for 45 minutes before heading to doze off, your heartbeat will move towards the sleep zone.

Do not like classical music? Worry not as “Weightless” song by the Marconi Union also has less than 60 beats per minute – a must-have factor for any music which claims itself to be sleep inducing. Listen to this song, and you might sleep in less time than what you’ve spent reading this article.

Have good dreams!