The list below is based on my personal experiences working in news and as an event videographer.

  1. This is Video. “Take my picture!” Ummm no. I will not take your picture. Why? Because this is V-I-D-E-O, VIDEO. You know, like moving pictures. In this day and age you seriously can’t tell the difference between a photo camera and a video camera? Come on now… (Note: This type of confusion is only kind of acceptable when the videographer is using a DSLR. However, I don’t. Please reference the very first sentence)
  2. Photoshop. “Oh you can just photoshop this right? While you’re at it, can you make me skinny like they do to celebrities?” Firstly, while I’m at it? Also, this is still VIDEO… Believe it or not PHOTOshop is for PHOTOS! So no. I cannot. And I am absolutely judging you for asking me to digitally alter your appearance.
  3. Leave it to the Professionals. “So I arranged for us to be able to do the interview here instead” Oh did you now? Isn’t that special? So you, the guy/gal hired me because you wanted a professional video right? Yet you made a decision about changing the location and didn’t think to consult me, the professional. You just assumed that the massive window wouldn’t be a problem. Cute.
  4. Sorry Not Sorry. When someone you just met says: “Oh you work in TV? My sister/brother/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/dog/cat/uncle/aunt is an aspiring actor!” Cool. Good luck to them. I really don’t care. And no, I’m not going to just cast them in my next production just because I met you once. That and I’m not in charge of casting.
  5. Editing isn’t Magic. Editors are magic. The process is technical, artistic, and methodological. At times it’s fun, inspiring, tedious, mind numbing, soul crushing, baby punching level of frustration. Repeat: EDITORS ARE MAGICAL!

Bottom line; if you want a good video hire a professional. Then, for best results communicate and work with them. It’s really that simple.