Imagine this scenario: One of your top leaders (let’s say a chief staff officer, CEO, executive director, executive vice president or a general manager) unexpectedly vacates their position for some valid reasons. It then suddenly leaves you in an anxiety-producing situation even under the best circumstances. However, losing an executive without a succession plan in place is actually more distressing.

In this crucial situation, you may be compelled to look for a new executive to fill the short-term gap and give him time to consider the organisation’s longer-term future. To help bridge these gaps and avoid unnecessary delays that may hamper operations, engaging the professional services of an Independent Consultant as interim manager or executive into your company essentially becomes a viable option.

Interim Consultants Can Effectively Manage Your Business

Hiring an Independent Consultant as interim manager has become one of the smartest strategies for executives. The following main reasons explain why these Interim Consultants can be your best managers:

1. They know what interim management is all about.

Technically speaking, interim management is defined as the rapid provision of senior executives to manage change or transition. An interim manager is a highly skilled and specialised executive whom you can employ for a short time to solve a specific business problem. He or she has mastered the art of troubleshooting the company’s current crisis, giving the management realistic assessment, and implementing the most pragmatic alternatives and solutions to the problems.

2. They’re really serious when they say business.

With their extensive experiences in the industry, independent consultants are well-trained to handle the immediate needs of your company, not to mention their ability to make good decisions and better judgement. Varying from one operation to another, such managerial and supervisory tasks that they ought to accomplish come with much needed efficiency and excellence. They are believed to have handled most of these responsibilities – including those critical and sensitive ones – so there is actually nothing to worry about.

3. They are “extreme leaders” – from heading the team to getting their hands dirty.

They are born to tailor strategies, oversee the entire business, and when the need arises, they are even willing to do the job by themselves. One axiom says that a good and effective manager knows how to roll up his sleeves, to lead by example, and to work side by side with his staff.

Undoubtedly, working with an independent consultant gives you the best of both worlds. They do not just understand consulting methodology but most importantly recognise the complexity of working within an enterprise.

4. They are loyal to your institutional objectives.

Since they work as independents, they are up to short term work and remain loyal to your business objectives, not trying to meet the objectives of a specific agency or consultancy. During their entire stint with your company, you can be assured of their 100 percent attention and sincere dedication. For one, they are programmed to understand the value they have to provide and ensure that they produce favourable outcomes and deliver positive results.

5. Their management style is pro-active by nature.

Independent consultants are committed to solely working for the growth of the company. Since they are not, in any way, involved in workplace politics, their actions are mostly geared towards the creation of new projects, providing solutions, and bringing in various changes in a corporate setting.

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Author Bio: The writer work as a Independent Consultants and he is a highly skilled Interim Consultants.