TV has always been an integral part of a person’s life, since its invention. To the people of the current generation, TV is a luxury that no one can live without. At least for two hours a day, the television is switched on, and needless to say, enjoyed thoroughly. Nowadays, due to the broadcasting of television on the internet, all of them have their eyes and ears tuned to the title song of the TV series. Kids were always into the concept of anime and they were always encouraged to watch this from small age onwards.

Reasons why Anime is awesome

There are a lot of Anime and genre of anime that are gaining a lot of interest among the teenagers and the kids nowadays. There are a lot of these reasons as to why these anime are gaining a lot of interest. 5 of the best reasons are


There are a lot of animes that have led to many, if the teenagers pursuing different and varied interests. Animes have a lot of brilliant scripts that are aimed at inspiring the younger generation and they have successfully done so. A lot of rising footballers have credited the initiation of interest to the anime Captain Tsubasa, which revolves around a football player. There are also animes like Detective Conan, for the young kids who are interested in the field of detection.

Cognitive thinking

There are a lot of animes which inspire and develop the cognitive thinking ability in the younger generation of kids. The animes online are available free of cost and can be viewed at any point of time. The worldwide record-shattering anime Death Note is famous among people of all walks of life, around the world. What animes like Death Note can do to the cognitive ability of a very young child is amazing, as the brain develops at a faster rate when the kid is between 5 and 10 years old.

Free Viewing

Most of the animes online are available for free on various online platforms. These anime are many in number and each anime series have a lot of episodes in the series, which can be watched for free whenever the viewer chooses to. And one more amazing thing about these anime series is that one need not worry about the cancellation of the series. The episodes just keep coming on and there is often no end to anime like DragonballZ and Pokemon.

Breathtaking visuals

The anime that are viewed by millions of people online and otherwise, originated in the country of Japan, which is known for its Manga, which essentially are comics. These comics are written well and have been presented more than brilliantly. These comics, when brought on to the big screen exceeded expectations, with brilliant backgrounds and stunning visuals.

Heart-warming Music scores

The anime series made have original and feel-good music scores. Anime like Pokemon and Sailor moon set the trend for amazing soul music, the tune of which are on the lips of every viewer even today. Modern Japanese music is much looked into now. It is deemed that anime is a brilliant way to explore the best of Japanese music, which is evidently heart-warming and soulful.

Nowadays, there are a lot of teenagers who are into this concept of anime. There are a lot of animes online which can be streamed by a simple search.