One of the most important decisions you can make as a car owner is the type of tyre you are going to select. A good set of tyres will improve the handling, steering, acceleration and braking of your car, as tyres are the fundamental link between a car and the road. Therefore, choosing the appropriate tyre, regardless of whether you are upgrading to another level or changing the old and worn tyres, will not only improve the quality of the ride, but also play an essential role in terms of safety.

Some of the bare essentials of tyres are discussed in this article that will help you to select the right set of tyres for your car.


Carcass is considered as the backbone of a tyre and it is located underneath the tyre’s tread. This particular part of the tire plays a major role and ensures that the tire is in great form. Carcass consists of some overlapping piles called synthetic cords, which runs from one bead edge to the other, and are either made of steel or fiber.


Bead is that part of a tyre which gets mounted to the wheel. Bead has several steel cords which are found on the internal diameter of the rim. This results in keeping the wheels from rotationally slipping in the tires while riding. These steel cords are usually covered with rubber.


Tyre tread is another important feature that you should focus on. Tires with great treads go a long way and offer advantages like the stability, cooling and wear. Tyre tread is designed in such away that it can very easily get rid of water, allowing the tyre to drive forward without any hydroplaning. In addition to that, appropriate deigned tread can protect you from accidents.


Sidewall lies between the tread and the bead. The sidewall of a tyre is designed that can contour to absorb up any bumps the car can hit on an even road, offering a smooth and comfortable ride.


It is important to choose a tyre size designed exactly for the size of rim you plan to mount the tyre on. Larger rims will definitely reduce the sidewall height, making the tyre’s profile low, and minimize the sidewall flex that will affect the quality of the ride.

Tyres are basically divided into two types- tubeless and tube tire and at present, tubeless are the most preferred one. However, automotive tube manufacturers in India produce inner tube for many classical cars as their original parts require car tire inner tube. The car inner tube is a circular tube like structure that inflates like a balloon when filled with air, offering a comfortable and safer ride.