The idea of writing an essay may tend to make students apprehensive especially if it is an important essay, for example,  one that is written for the purpose of admission. Some students really freak out at the prospect of having to write an essay, but the truth is that writing an essay can be quite a simple task if you follow these 5 killer tips to write an amazing girl by jamaica Kincaid essay:

1. Brainstorm

It is important for you to gather your thoughts before starting to write. Some people might think it is a waste of time to brainstorm however brainstorming helps you write with more clarity and the end result is more organised. In order to brainstorm, you can use the star chart method or else make an outline.

In the star chart method, you write the topic in the centre of the page and then branch outlines at the end of which you pen down the main ideas of the essay. You can branch out more lines from the main ideas so as to write supporting points. This method helps you put all your thoughts on paper making it easy to start writing your essay.

If you opt to make an outline then the way to go by it is to write the topic at the top of the page and then start listing your main ideas underneath leaving space for you to come back and fill in supporting ideas. Making an outline or drawing a star chart both help you to stay focused on the topic and write only those points which are related to the subject at hand. Brainstorming actually helps you save time as you won’t need to gather your thoughts as you write but will instead have all your points outlined beforehand.

2. Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a sentence about the main idea of the essay which helps in controlling the ideas within the paper. A thesis statement is not just the topic of the essay but it reflects a judgment or opinion that the writer has made about a personal experience or reading.

3. Prepare the First Draft

Preparing the first draft can be a bit of a tough task because it is always difficult to get started. However, if you keep your outline or star chart in front of you and then start marking off the points one by one as you write then things get a lot easier. Just let your first draft flow, you can always come back and make amendments and check your essay for grammatical and spelling errors. When writing the first draft do not worry about making it perfect, just let your ideas flow.

4. Write the Body of the Essay First

Writing the body of the essay first makes sure that you spend most of your time on the most important part of your essay. The body will consist of many paragraphs all of which explain the topic in detail and help make points that support your thesis statement. The body should ideally consist of three to five paragraphs, each well-structured and with examples and analogies to support the point you are trying to make. When writing the body, make sure that one paragraph leads to the next and there is a connection between the ideas that you are presenting. If necessary link the ideas using examples or analogies. The basic point is that the body should not be a series of fragmented ideas but should be a complete whole with all the ideas being interconnected.

5. Write the Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction is what attracts your reader so make sure that it is interesting and catchy. Use an anecdote, quote, dialogue or some surprising facts and statistics to intrigue the reader. Keep the introduction short; one paragraph of about six to eight lines should be enough.  The introduction should adequately explain your topic and may also include the thesis statement.

The conclusion is a summary or overview of everything that you have written in the body. While summarising all the important points it is meant to show how all the points made in the essay prove that the thesis statement holds true i.e technological momentum.

Once you have written your essay based on the five tips given here, have someone proofread your essay for grammatical and spelling errors as well as to check if the ideas flow into one another. Once you have had your work reviewed, feel confident that your essay is a masterpiece.