Certain household cleaners may contain chemicals and toxins that can be harmful if inhaled or ingested. Family members who suffer from allergies or asthma can also be impacted by commercial soaps, detergents, bleaches and disinfectants that are used around the home.

The good news is that it’s possible to maintain your household and reduce bacteria, with the use of non-toxic cleaning products. Many of these products offer low-cost alternatives and use natural ingredients. Check out the list below:

1. Baking Soda

Most people will already have baking soda in their kitchen pantry, however it boasts a variety of other uses. Also called sodium bicarbonate, baking soda can be used to deodorize smelly furniture or remove stains from benchtops and cutting boards.

2. Lemon

This yellow citrus fruit contains a powerful acidic juice that is completely natural. Lemon can be used to remove mould or descale your drainpipes. Just a teaspoon of lemon juice can be added to your laundry, to keep clothes smelling fresh and clean! 

3. White vinegar

Vinegar also has natural acidic properties that make it a powerful cleaning agent. Vinegar can be used in your bathroom to disinfect bathtubs, sinks and shower recesses. Try soaking vinegar onto dirty grout for 15 minutes, and then scrubbing off with an old toothbrush. Your bathroom tiles will look brand new!

4. Eucalyptus oil

This distinctly Australian product can be used to safely clean your kitchen. Use eucalyptus oil to remove grease from benches, stovetops and ovens. Grime in your microwave can also be effectively removed with the help of eucalyptus oil and some elbow grease. 

5. Cornflour

Another kitchen staple that can be used for household cleaning — cornflour will have your windows shining in no time. Try combining one teaspoon of cornflour with a cup of white vinegar and water, to have your window panes looking crystal clear. Cornflour is a natural abrasive that offers  a streak-free finish. 

Other ideas for your family: