The Best Tablet for School and College Students

When you are making your first step into the college life, you may have to make sure that you have all the gears needed to survive the harsh world of college degree, which is filled with assignments and paper reports, and this is whether you should choose laptop over tablet for high school and college kids may become one of the questions that you need to answer. While some people choose tablet as their daily driver for facing the college world, others choose the laptop for their daily companion. If you are confused whether you need to have a laptop or a tablet, this article may be useful to give you some idea about what to choose.

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Best Tablets for College and School Students

The Ease Access

When we have to choose between laptop and tablet, it means that we should not look at personal computer or PC anymore in term of ease access. PC has been abandoned by college students who are mobile and who want to get the fastest access to their devices when they need it. In term of ease of access, both laptop and tablet give you the easiest access that you can get. You can bring your laptop or your tablet around by putting them inside your backpack. However, in some cases, students who buy a laptop that has a 15-inch monitor have to struggle with space. In this case, tablet wins over laptop who needs the user to allocate a bigger space. In conclusion, if you want to make sure that you do not want to add more weight to your space, tablet may be a good choice for you in this case.

The Power and Ability

Most tablets are powered by a processor that is weaker than most laptops. Additionally, most tablets run on Android while most laptops run on Windows or even Mac Operating system. In term of power, laptop has more power to do everything that you need to do for your college degree. You can type your document and make some wonderful presentation using Microsoft office in the full version. However, when you use a tablet, you have a very limited power and ability. For example, as the operating system is designed for mobile phone, your tablet might not be able to create a power point presentation as wonderful as your laptop might be. In term of power, it is better to bring laptop rather than a tablet for your daily companion.

The price

This is where everything gets tricky. The price of a laptop and the price of a tablet might be the same if they have a particular specification. For example, if you have a lot of money, you can buy a tablet that has the same power and the same ability of a normal laptop. Additionally, if you only have a small budget for buying a laptop, you may end up buying the laptop that has a power similar to the power of a normal tablet. Therefore, I would say that your budget and your need should be a determinant factor on whether you should have a laptop or a tablet.

In addition, you also need to consider your major. For those who needs to work on some drawing or designing, having a tablet might be very useful as most tablets these days have a stylus that enables you to do that. However, if typing is what you are likely to do the most, then laptop should be a good companion for you over tablet for college students like you.  

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