I’ve been in a long distance relationship for the past 2 years and people are wondering how we keep our relationship going without being able to meet often. It so happens that we are both gamer and honestly, it helped us know each other more. We often play online games and talk about some stories that happened during our day alongside with the daily Skype calls.

1. You value it as your quality time

It’s very difficult for couples in LDR to think of activities to spend quality time with their significant other. Often times it’s not a problem for usual couples. A movie date or a lunch out would be perfect enough. But for couples who want to spend it online, it is better to have any online activities that they both enjoy. During our days off from work, we schedule a movie marathon while on Skype or play online games together. Playing online games is perfect for us since it’s fun and we both enjoy it. We can play games without hearing one nagging about playing too much, not like the usual couples. More important than that, we are able to spend quality time together, even online.

2. You’ll learn how to share

In-game, you will start off without a single penny to buy items to progress and level up. One would probably be levels ahead of you and sharing what you have to help the other one is inevitable. Surprises are possible too. Simple parcel post with a message is something I appreciate. It is simple yet it means a lot. For a gamer, a simple act of helping them farm for gold or grind mobs to level up is something we value a lot.

3. You make the perfect duo

Gaming couples will create characters of different class to make a good team. One would play as the damage dealer and the other one as the assist. You’ll never find it difficult to find someone to level up with, as you already function as one in-game. It is indeed a perfect package to speed up your levels. While in-game you learn about teamwork, in the relationship you also learn how to work things out perfectly planned.

4. You’ll understand each other more

Truthfully, you’ll learn a lot about a person in how they play a game. You’ll see the different sides of your significant other, either their flaws or the things they’re best at. At times, your patience will also be put to test specially when it comes to their shortcomings. But you’ll also learn how to compromise to understand each other’s play styles. One would be more impatient than the other and it takes effort and understanding to coach them to compensate the frustrations. Also, any game could show you how a person would react to winning and losing a game and it’s certainly a clear indicator of a person’s character.

5. It strengthens the relationship

While playing online games, you will also experience things that you experience in real life. You’ll laugh, get angry, you’ll learn how to listen, comfort and seek solutions to solve a problem. You make wonderful experiences while exploring the game although it’s not all rainbows either. Playing games together will help you weigh each other’s willingness to work with each other and not against you in life.