Recently, sports shoes are becoming the most popular and hot trend with fashionista in general and young people in particular because of its comfort and convenience. Furthermore, the shoe is quite easy to mix with other clothes. However, in fact, some people still get trouble when mixing sports shoes with clothes. Therefore, the post will show you 4 simple ways to combine a sports shoe with suits which will create a new and different style for you.

1 The first way

If you are over 30 years old, you do not hesitate to choose the color shoes such as red wine, green, purple and etc. This type of shoes can still be suitable for the work environment if you know the same European clothes, shirt, and blazer. You will look very active, young and trendy.

2 The second way

In order to wear male athletic shoes outside the gym, you should choose a neatly trimmed dress, strong and simple cut lines. In contrast, the outfits are too wide, not long enough to make you look skimpy and lack of care.

3 The third way

Keep in mind the length of your pants when it comes to sports shoes. Pants should be long past the ankles and not longer than half of the body. Folding pants into one or two bears is also very stylish. This secret will also help you look slimmer and taller. Absolutely you should not choose wide pants or flute tube.

4 The last way

Dark sports shoes combined with Western trousers and cashmere t-shirts which are a perfect choice for casual Fridays at work and bring comfortable, cool, and masculine for people.

Besides mixing clothes with shoes, you should refer and learn more about the way to choose the best shoe for yourself. Before buying the shoes, you should visit the shoe’s store in the evening because your foot will be larger than the morning after a day walking. Furthermore, you should visit reputable stores to buy the best shoes for your own because if you buy the other shoes, they can not make sure for you about quality. In addition, each type of shoes will have different purposes. Therefore, if you want to find the best standing shoes for all day or best shoes for nurses, you should choose slip-on or sports shoes.