I saw the headline of Dorie Clark’s new article on Forbes entitled, Be Interesting – Or Be Ignored, and I clicked immediately.

Her article outlines four techniques she advises companies to consider when it comes to marketing themselves better. As I read each one, I realized the same techniques could (and should), be utilized by executives looking to land their next opportunity.

Add Up Your Earnings in a Lifetime = You’re a Multi-Million Dollar Brand

As a professional, your income-level only increases over time. Add it all up and you will make millions in your lifetime. Companies invest in marketing strategies to ensure they’ll keep making more money.

Why don’t executives do the same?

More importantly, with social media and Internet emerging technologies on the scene, companies need to see how they can leverage these tools to their advantage. Again, why aren’t executives doing this as well?

4 Ways to Use Content Authoring to Get More Attention

If you read through Dorie’s article, you can see how her four techniques can be applied. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Create content that can be distributed repeatedly to your desired audience.

I’ve been coaching executives this past year on the power of writing articles that can be used for networking. Over at C-Suite Insider, our “approved executives” offer up valuable insight that gets our private equity, venture capital, and executive search firm readers’ attention.


It positions them as subject-matter experts. More importantly, they can then share the links to these articles with people they want to network with. The result is an on-going promotion strategy of their work that has people contacting them about opportunities.

2. Make your content educational, not self-promotional.

There is an extremely outdated concept in executive circles today that you need to talk about how great you are as a way to impress and influence people. Unfortunately, that went out of vogue a while ago.

Nowadays, it’s all about educating people as a way to prove you are what you say you are. If you can write insightful content that shows fellow professionals how to do some aspect of their work better, you prove yourself to be an expert – no self-promotion necessary.

At C-suite Insider, the executives openly share their methodologies, beliefs and strategies that have helped them get results. They prove their value and earn the trust of the readers. Which leads to more people contacting them for their expertise.

3. Write for the right audience.

Content is only interesting when it answer questions and solves problems for the reader. Why waste your valuable advice on a readership that doesn’t see its importance. At C-Suite Insider, the approved experts are all looking to connect with our readership – a.k.a. people seeking executive talent. Thus, their articles are geared to show how they can step in and help companies in need of strategic leadership in a particular area. This ensures they’ll get the response they want from those who read their articles.

4. Keep it simple.

This is my favorite advice because it’s so true! Trying to use fancy language in an effort to sound important or smart backfires today. Executives who speak in simple terms and can get their vision across to a diverse audience show their true ability to lead. Content written in a conversational, down-to-earth writing style gets read and retained.

More importantly, it shows the executive is approachable. Again, leading to more proactive inquiries into their work.

As an executive looking for your next opportunity, you must consider developing a content strategy online to augment and optimize your efforts. It’s the best way to increase your exposure and get the attention you want – and deserve.

Your Next Step

If you are an executive who is interested in the right way to use social media, my video tutorial series on the subject can be accessed for *free* by visiting this page: How to Be a Respected Executive Online.

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