Let’s face it: We all want to be happy – but how many people are able to be truly happy? Here’s how.

#1: Money Does Not Take Control Of Your Life
Most of the people are stuck with the fact that a passion can only be achieved only if it pays well. You need not actually make a living out of it per se, but if it’s really your true passion you wouldn’t even mind throwing money at it. The key here is to strike a balance to manage financial flows – if what you do can’t pay you well, you can always find something else to sustain it. But keep in mind that what you are doing is for the sake of passion. That makes everything much more palatable, doesn’t it?

#2: Fear Is a State of The Mind
“But there are things I have, and I can’t afford to lose them!” When you know that you have fears – it only means that it is not really your true passion. How many a times people will fall in love, and put all in to just develop a relationship? It is very much the same case if it is your true passion. You will do whatever it takes and whatever you can, just to reach out for it.

#3: The Only Opponent that You have Is Yourself
College was definitely one of the things that stopped Mark Zuckerberg from finding his passion. What did he do? Simply dropped out. Like him, all you need to do is to know what is stopping you and make a clear path for you to pursue your passion. You may face strong oppression, but if you know your way around you can always have a victory like David over Goliath.

#4:  Can’t overcome it yourself? Get help!
Going back to a David versus Goliath challenge, if you are clearly aware that you’re unable to overcome it just alone, find people whom are like minded and are willing to stand by your side. Given that they are true, they will do what it takes to support you all the way, even if it threatens their lives. This is Final Fantasy, real life style. Afterall it will be a fantasy for you if you achieve it.

And there you have it. Remember that nothing is impossible, and impossible often means that you’re not willing to fight for it.

Go ahead. Give it a try.