Whoever can say they’ve got things down, we applaud them. These days it seems like all we are doing is spin in circles, unsuccessfully. Sure, we have grabbed our lives by the horns, and we definitely have been giving our best to make it, but – in the world of high expectations, low incomes, long working hours and no downtime – not everything depends on the way we play things out.

Most of us who understand the pressure of juggling two or more jobs, cracked office hours and a partner who keeps nagging that they’re not seeing us at all – we are running the risk of breaking down under pressure any time now.

And the thing about pressure? It can either make you or break you.

Some will feel incompetent and not good enough. Others will try to un-catch the catch 22 and juggle it all. Yet, until anything life-changing happens and we collectively go through epiphanies revealing magic potions to an I-have-it-all life, we must do our best to put ourselves first and enjoy life a little bit (not to mention prevent potential health hazards that may endanger our well-being in the long run).

We are giving you our favorite hacks that will help you blow off some steam.

Embrace meditation/prayer

Nothing can help a busy mind rewind like an hour of meditation or prayer. Meditation is the ancient path to enlightenment that can positively influence your whole body and soul. By eliminating negative thoughts and feelings from your life through the power of your own mind and self-influence, you are spontaneously inviting good things in your life. If you are religious, dedicating a few hours a week to prayer may turn your life around, especially if you’ve got a priest to talk to.

Spend time outside

Stuck at the glass office, breathing in all that air-conditioned air, sitting long periods of time chained to the desk and monitor may definitely take a toll on your health (and your will to live). To balance your business life with the life outside of the office, give your best to spend all the free time someplace outdoors where there are a lot of green sights. Gazing at the blue and green distances protects the cornea and reduces the risk of impaired vision. So, go for a walk in the nearby park, sit on the river bank and look at the distance, locate green areas around your office to go for a lunch break, go swimming and enjoy the blue of that river/sea/swimming pool surface, etc. It will do wonders for your mind.

Embrace intellectual contents

While slouching on the couch seems perfect after a long day at work, it’s actually doing you no good. Letting go and giving up are safe ways to depression, and that’s not a path you want to go in. Instead, to de-clutter your mind from the negative, overwhelming content, turn to intellectual content that will stimulate your mind towards creative solutions and cerebral undertakes. To get your brains stimulated, watch musicals, documentaries and drama films. Listen to opera, go to the theatre, explore art you are not familiar with. Challenge yourself and your mind will be grateful.

Turn to physical activity

Physical activity is the perfect way to let go of negative vibrations. Contact sports or cardio activities like boxing, aerobics, Zumba, hip hop dancing… anything that requires having a routine to remember (and a plan to break a sweat) will be an amazing way to decompress and de-stress. You may even work with a personal trainer if you are chasing body results, too but generally – being a part of a larger group of people devoted to the same goal, exercising the same routine is excellent as you are feeling a part of something bigger and more important.

For everyone who feels like they need a little Namaste in their lives, we hope our suggestions helped.