Call them what you want: truths, beliefs, values, principals, laws, standards, etc. We all identify and embrace a set of them in our lives. We use them as our foundation for making choices and taking actions. They help us justify our decisions. The risky part of abiding by the truths we hold dear is they can become outdated or inaccurate over time. So, we must periodically re-evaluate their relevance. Or, suffer the consequences of making what we thought were good choices, only to see them produce poor results.

Career Truths for 2015

There are four things we believe so deeply at CAREEREALISM, we’re almost preachy about them. They are:

  1. Every job is temporary.
  2. You are not an employee; you are a business-of-one.
  3. School teaches you everything, except how to get the job.
  4. Nobody can job search alone.

These are the new career truths, don’t you agree? They might change in the future, but for now, they are our professional reality.

What career truths do you live by today?

I think many of us are adapting and changing our attitudes and beliefs about career success and satisfaction. We are shifting our perspective around job search andcareer development in order to stay employable and relevant in this new, unstable, fast-paced, global, digital, and aggressive economy.

Share your personal career truths below. I’d love to collaborate with all of you on an expansive set of “new rules” by which to manage our careers. I look forward to your comments!

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