So you want to be the CEO by the time your 30 years old eh? It’s great to be ambitious in the business world, especially at a young age. Your full of energy, you have creative ideas, and you even might invent technologies that might very well change the world.

Your ambitions are not unreasonable and many have already done it.

Keep in mind these three tips as you trail-blaze your future to become the big boss:

1. Befriend the current CEO

One of the biggest mistakes young corporate executives make in their career paths is focusing on their own career development rather than developing relationships with key senior executives.

Making meaningful connections with senior executives in your company is just as important as getting that big-business school name MBA, or achieving that next promotion.

Nearly every single senior executive in a company is looking to take a youthful bright junior executive under their wing. CEO’s of major corporations are surprisingly lonely people and if you can successfully navigate your way to them, your golden.

2. Become a recognized thought-leader

In today’s world of social media and blogging platforms (such as StackStreet), there are tools for you to become a recognized thought-leader.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of being a corporate employee is that you have to deal with the politics and people (and jealously) of an organization. This means your creative ideas are buried under organizational weight – break out of it in a savvy way.

Yep, there will be supervisors/bosses that want to ‘push you down’ or ‘hold you from going up’ along the way. The best way to be seen as CEO material at a young age is to develop a reputation outside of your company structure as a thought-leader.

Write original articles on your industry, link to those articles often – be seen as a public thought-leader, try to get media interviews. The faster you become recognized as an industry thought-leader, the faster senior executives in your company will see you as potential CEO material.

3. Start a new business

Becoming CEO of your own company (even a small one) may not seem like the best way to become a CEO of your large corporation, especially at a young age.

However, if you can develop great relationships with the senior executives in your company and then launch your new business thereafter, it can lead to an interesting path.

The world of venture capital, big names, and even possible business failure are waiting for you. But life is short, so live it.

You may be able to convert a successful entrepreneurial experience (say one that lasts 5 years or less) into a great reputation and standing amongst senior executives in your old company or any future big corporation if the new venture doesn’t work out.