Having a doctor that you trust and can talk to about all of your health concerns is extremely important at any stage of your life. However, as you get older and may experience more health issues, it is critical to have a doctor you are comfortable talking with. As the person receiving the care, it is very important to be on board with the advice the doctor is giving you. If you aren’t completely at ease with the advice or treatment plan you are receiving, most likely you won’t follow through with it. Here are some tips for having the best doctor’s appointment possible.

Choosing the Right Doctor

1. The first step to being satisfied with every doctor’s visit you attend is to pick a doctor that has been trained well and has good credentials. While this may seem superficial, it is crucial to trust that your doctor knows what he/she is talking about.

2. Choose a doctor that you like and get along with. If you don’t mesh with your doctor’s personality, it may be time to see a new doctor. You are less appropriate to go to the doctor if you don’t even care to be around them.

3. Find a doctor in the right field that you need. If you need a specialist, don’t continue to go to your primary care doctor. A specialist has more in-depth knowledge of the issues you are facing and will work with you and your primary care doctor to make sure you are receiving the best possible care.

Make A List

When you are beginning to experience problems, keep a list of the symptoms you are experiencing. While you may think there is no way you could forget how you are feeling, it is easy to remember the major points and forget the things that seem insignificant. It is important for your doctor to have the full picture of the circumstances in order to treat you holistically rather than just part of your symptoms.

Ask Questions

It may also be wise to make a list of the questions you have or to bring someone with you to the doctor’s appointment to help you think through the treatment they may be suggesting. If you have a question, ask! Don’t just assume the doctor means something if you are a little confused. The doctors are there to help you not just to help you feel better. Don’t feel bad about asking questions or asking to try something else you may be more comfortable with. The doctor will be willing to talk through things with you so you are at ease with the care you are receiving.

Pick a doctor that you are comfortable with, make a list of symptoms and never be afraid to ask questions in your appointments. Never be afraid to switch doctors if you don’t care for the specific doctor. They want you to be comfortable as well, so don’t be afraid to speak up! 


Monica Cordero has a passion for a healthy lifestyle. She firmly believes that it is important for everyone, especially seniors to maintain an active lifestyle along with a wholesome diet for their well-being and that is what she writes about. Monica Cordero has recently joined the Marketing team of Senior Home Care Fort Myers.