Blogging is taking centre stage in myriads of fields nowadays. For instance, content strategy has becomes a big part of SEO (Search engine optimisation) as Google’s recent algorithm updates clearly mentioned that content can play a vital role in your SEO efforts. 

We interviewed an SEO at Digital marketing agency brisbane. According to this experienced SEO consultant, content marketing is very important for SEO. To increase the popularity of the client’s brand name, it is important to come up with an exclusive content strategy and marketing. 

Below are 3 quick tips to get you started- 

1. Think before you start writing– Don’t just write to get a backlink for your clients as part of SEO. Try to give value to your users in each article you write. Make sure you add good coherent content, add some valuable tips in the blog and write in simple and easy to read language so anyone can make the best of it. 

2. Research – You don’t have to be an expert in the field to write a a great article. You can always do some online research and write the article. You can also refer to the quality sites if it is relevant to the article by linking out to them. Giving credit to others and referring readers to valuable sites is also a good practice. 

3. Use formatting – Don’t just write big chunk of text which nobody will read. Try to format your text and add subheadings, small paragraphs and add multimedia in your article like pictures or videos.  This will give a great reading experience  for your readers.