i presents 3 best io games which i play every day  there are :


On a large playing field there will be a lot of players, whose goal is to capture as much of the territory of their color. Initially, you appear, owning a small piece of territory. Manage you will be a small creature that runs around, leaving behind a line that you need to connect. If you can connect it, then the territory will turn into your color. Be careful, because next to you will play rivals, whose goal is, like you – to capture as much territory as possible. You can take the opponent by surprise and enter his line until he has not closed it yet, and then he will lose, and you will easily grab his territory.


As a rule, all the games from the section are two-dimensional, but this game clearly outperformed its predecessors. A multiplayer online game is the essence, which is to sink an enemy ship. Given that the graphics 3D, you will need to aim very carefully to get to the target. Players are divided into teams and lead naval battles not alone, but command. All of you defend the honor of your own ship. When the warring ship is swimming close, you simply have to hit him with a gun. The more you manage to sink ships, the higher you will be on the leaderboard.

Controls: arrows of the keyboard and mouse.


You and by name already, probably, understood that this game has much in common with agar. If in a well-known analog you played for balls, and devoured dots and other balls that are smaller than you in size, then here are a few other main acting objects. Choose the server on which you will play, and then you will be given a car on which you will travel around the playing field. Instead of points there will be people on which you will run into and by this to grow in size. Throughout the game perimeter, red-colored buildings are located, in which you can not crash, for you will decrease. Instead of increasing in size, you will be given a more massive vehicle in this game. It’s real to grow up to the wagon, that’s when little cars will not get better, because you will devour them with ease.