Get ready, 1990!

Let’s be honest — 25 is not the friendliest number for a young woman to encounter. It seems like it was just yesterday when you were celebrating your 21st birthday; parading around the city in your newly found, full adulthood when, out of nowhere, came 25.

25 is not quite 30, but it is certainly not the spunky 21 you once enjoyed. Ladies, a quarter life crisis is a real phenomenon that comes along with this birthday. In the midst of tears, confusion, and insecurity, remember two things: 1) The cast of Friends is still older than you, and they’re cool, right? And, 2) Growing old is a gift denied to many.

Then again, all that sentiment probably won’t stop us from these thoughts:

  1. I swear that is not a wrinkle.
  2. Why?
  3. Whoa there, 11PM sure came early tonight.
  4. It turns out, I’m no longer college age — and can’t even pretend to be.
  5. You know what? I’m pulling an all nighter just to see if I still got it.
  6. The Next Day: Nope. I don’t.
  8. Scrolling through Instagram: Am I too old for selfies?
  9. Still scrolling: Apparently everyone from high school is married or the parent of a preschooler. I’ll drink to that!
  10. After scrolling has ended: I’ll be fine after one more glass, I’m sure.
  11. After that glasszzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  12. So, is this how you twerk? Well, I guess I could give it a tr— oh no. Can’t get back up.
  13. Twerking is a no-go. So, babysitting; is it creepy if I still babysit?
  14. What if I just babysit teenagers / live vicariously through them? Not weird, right?
  15. Oh, yay! First of the month! Student loan payments and rent are both due … said no one, ever.
  16. At least I finally landed a big girl job. Yep, finally making those payments.
  17. Dang it. I email back and forth with my mom while we are sitting in our respective offices. Fine, I’m old.
  18. Can I retire yet?