One of the habits I formed early in my career was a reading ritual. I love to read anything self-help based. It’s the Engineering Psychology major in me that enjoys thinking about ways to learn and grow.

Reading Rituals Identify Social Currency

In my CareerHMO program, I require all the members to set up a reading ritual for their job search. They use it to not only acquire new information and stay current on the latest trends in their industry and profession, but also so they can have a set of “social currency” they can readily share in their networking efforts.

Social currency is powerful. It enables you to give the person you are networking with a sense of who you are as a professional. By sharing valuable links to articles you feel are a good read, you are showing you’re a:

A) proactive professional

B) team player

15 Minutes/Week = Smarter Professional

People often ask me, “J.T., what do you think are good articles to share?” For me, it’s anything that teaches me something new, or validates a concept I’m embracing in my work. I get asked so often that I recently thought to myself, “I should post a weekly list of articles I think would give people some valuable information to advance their career.” So, here it goes, the first, “15 Minute Career Boost!” Five articles that can be read in less than three minutes each. That’s a mere 15 minutes of reading that will make you a smarter professional.

5 Things You Should Do When You’re Unemployed – This article was the lead story last week on Linkedin Today and had over 200K views. A great reminder of what you can do to stay engaged and relevant when you are between jobs.

7 Job Seeker Errors to Avoid – This article highlights the typical mistakes a job seeker makes when they don’t know the “new rules” to job search in this very tough economy.

3 Places for Keywords on Your Linkedin Profile – Keywords are a very important part of your Linkedin profile. If you want hiring managers and recruiters to find you, you need to have your profile optimized with the right keywords.

4 Horrible Resume Tips to Avoid – While I do think most people can get away with a one-page resume (most people put WAY TOO MUCH on their resumes), this post offers solid advice on fonts and lying that is a must-read.

How NOT to Fail a Phone Screen – I had to write this article after saving a client from failing on a phone screen. The advice worked. She moved on to meet the manager and did so well in that phone screen that even though she wasn’t a match for the job, they are looking for other opportunities in the company for her.

I hope the above are helpful!

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