Yup it’s true❗️even though I belong to the homogametic sex , I still have it all. Body hair, facial hair, peach fuzz, ingrowns. If I had a twin brother I would probably have beaten him at puberty by being the first to sprout a mustache too.

I enjoyed a blissfully hair free existence till I was 14. My shoulder length strands of keratin ?? being the only hair I had to contend with. It wasn’t until Mother Nature made her very first monthly visit ? that all hell broke loose. ⚡️

Almost overnight and every two weeks there after, I would morph into a female version of Alf?. Befuddled, bemused and terrified that I was on my way to morphing into the “XY” chromosome. I became intent on finding? the best way possible to tame and maim this unruly bush ? before it turned me into a giant pubescent hairball.

Since waxing was the weapon of choice for beginners . I soon found myself on my back looking very much like an ?embarrassed, hairy, overturned ? beetle, trying my best not to grimace, yell or reflexively kick out, while two complete strangers attempted to defuzz me with looks of polite distaste ?on their faces.

This pantomime of humiliation would have continued indefinitely had I not discovered out of sheer luck the technology of epilation!?!

Finally I could go about my pruning and depilation business in private with my remaining dignity ? intact. Over the period of several years?, i went through more than a dozen epilators: Braun, Remington, philips, Emjoi all of whom faithfully and resolutely ploughed through mountains of hair, before admitting defeat? and keeling over in the face of this formidable enemy.

Enter, hair removal creams, though a seemingly pain/hassle free option, with an improved rose scent? (read pile of old compost). It turned out to be a ?smelly, slimy, itchy disaster and i resorted to shaving while resuming my frantic ?search for the ultimate defuzzing solution.

Just when i was seriously contemplating throwing in the towel and resorting to using my legs as cheese graters?. I happened to chance upon the wonder of the 21st century: At home IPL.⚡️ I was already aware of the technology in use by astheticians and salons. However since i was in no mood to mortgage my future home? and engagement ring ?for an indefinite number of laser sessions, at home IPL seemed like the perfect budget ?friendly option.

Now armed and deadly? with a state of the art IPL in my arsenal, i proceeded to zap away confidently at the infernal bane of my existence in two week intervals. Surprise, surprise after a six month game of laser tag and several minor burns? the exhausted follicles dwindled in forces by almost half. The remaining, stubborn stragglers though routinely made their appearance but even they no longer possesed their former, coarse stubbly glory.

So whats the verdict? IPL is a great option to explore, if you are looking for temporary hair reduction. Thats right, once you stop zapping away , the hairy enemy will return.(Must have taken lessons from Voldemort ). I stopped using mine a while ago and i had to resort to using my old epilator again. Also most IPL’s have a light cartridge that needs to be replaced every 1000 flashes ( Varies according to brand).

Below are the brands that are highly rated:

Veet Silk Infini Pro IPL hair removal system – This is the one i used, the treatment head is a good size so you can zap more hair at once. However after a 1000 rounds in the boxing ring the cartridge died out and i never got around to replacing it. Easy to use, effective, a good one to try if you have never used IPL before. Priced around $350. Got mine at Amazon.


Remington Ilight Pro Plus Quartz – I was initially considering this because it is cordless. Same technology as the Veet. Priced at $398.99. Available at Amazon, bed, bath and beyond and www.remingtonproducts.com.


Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System- offers 200,000 flashes for 4+ years of full body treatments, no replacement lamps needed. Priced between $199-$250. Available at Amazon, www.boots.com, www.usa.philips.com/e/hair-removal/ , www.philips.co.uk.


Tria – I have personally used this after my Veet died and i found it takes forever! The treatment head is a tiny circle which means prolonged zapping sessions. This is especially a pain when you are doing large areas like your legs. It has diode technology which results in permanent hair removal and is FDA cleared to be used on the face ( no more handle bar mustache). Priced at $449. Available at Amazon, QVC, Ulta, Sephora.


So there you have it ladies the low down on everything thats hairy and undesirable. Here’s to hoping technology triumphs and we all conquer the hairy monster within us once and for all. Now if you’ll excuse me i’m going to spray some weed killer ☠on my garden of stubble?. Until we meet again xoxox!?