Hello lovely peeps! ?
So I had the most fantastic time this past week in beautiful South Africa ✨which explains my absence from blogging . I was too busy chasing lions? , elephants? , rhinos trying to get a selfie without being eaten.

Now here’s the thing usually I don’t enjoy traveling because I hate living out of a suitcase. If I could somehow manage it I would bring my entire wardrobe ?????and toiletries along with me .
However since I’m strapped for cash ?most of the time and would rather use my piggy bank? stash for shopping?instead of paying the outrageous luggage fees. It all comes down to packing smart to make the most out of your luggage allowance. So here are some tips I learned on my trip that I’m sharing with you hopefully you can utilize them on your next trip ?.
?A multitasking wardrobe– as I learned on this trip a few key pieces that you can mix and match to create different looks is the way to go. Here’s my summer vacation packing list:


?black maxi dress( old navy) a staple item that looks chic day or night , drapes beautifully and hides all the lumps and bumps ( read bloated belly post breakfast buffet ????????????????)? .

?A denim jacket( banana republic) in-case the air conditioning is turned up to rival the chill in Alaska ❄️?.

?A cardigan (banana republic) in case the ac starts spitting hail stones and snow flakes and the jacket isn’t keeping me at 98 degrees ?

?A multi color scarf(banana republic) to change up the black dress for a second wearing ,

?Cargo pants ( loft) for occasions where I don’t want my dress/skirt up to my head read zip lining ?at 130km ?

?Skirt (forever 21)and sleeveless top(loft) , just another floaty rotation for the week, the top can be worn with the cargo pants as well .

?Shift dress , it doubles as a swim coverup and since it’s summer I try to avoid jeans- read legs feeling like boiled sausages in a glued on casing ?hot dogs anyone? ?

?Sun hat (ripcurl ) keeps the sun’s baking rays off my face and head and looks pretty cute too ? { p.s skirts and dresses take up very little room unless you happen to insist on packing a hoop skirt ?}.

?Jeans – yes I know I said it I avoid them, except on flights, emirates airlines always have the air conditioning on super high and my legs get cold I know I’m weird ☹️what can I say . ( lucky lolita, flatters my awkwardly shaped booty like nothing else).?

?Shoes – Toms all the way ✨I have walked miles in my toms and they are the most comfortable shoe bar none! And since every shoe I have worn since birth feels like putting my feet in a pond of snapping pirañas ?trust me these shoes are ?love for your tootsies❣

?Flip flops for the pool or beach and one pair of glitzy sandals incase I get an invitation to the red carpet ( like that’s happening ?) . Shoes take up a lot of room so pack wisely.?

?Toiletries – so on this trip i forgot to pack my shampoo and conditioner and body wash I couldn’t find any travel sizes in the mall and later it totally slipped my mind. Luckily the hotel I was staying at had all Molton Brown products! ?

The Indian Cress Shampoo and conditioner are the best I have used ? Usually the stuff hotels provide is a spin-off of dish-washing liquid and leaves my hair looking and feeling like a bale of straw ?.


?The pink peppercorn body wash smelled divine and left my skin soft instead of parched and itchy. ? I know their products are pricey? but do try these if you can you will ? them !

?Try buying travel sized sets Sephora usually has a good selection and you can try brands without paying full price ?yay!

?Rechargeable shaver , because body hair will go into overdrive mode on a vacation even if you’ve spent ages plucking yourself like a turkey before leaving ?.


?Dry shampoo , personally I hate not being able to wash my hair but sometimes you just have to make do , living proof dry shampoo $22 lives up to the hype .



?Makeup , looking gorgeous on a vacation is a must ? pack items that do double duty . I love ? the it cosmetics vitality flush stain stick that doubles as a lipstain and a blush.

?My burts bees lip crayon goes with me everywhere to brighten up my pout in a snap ?!

?If I need extra coverage I carry the it cosmetics celebration foundation it’s small enough to fit in my cosmetics case and goes on without a ton of blending ( a must when you have to make it to the free breakfast buffet on time looking flawless ??)
I don’t usually bother with eye makeup so a little liner goes a long way the it cosmetics naturally pretty palette has easy to blend colors that can be applied in a few brush strokes and I can be out the door ✨!

?Sunblock is a must since I tan horribly, not the glowing golden tan of a goddess ?more like a blackened ,burnt toast that gets tossed out ?. I slather on Moogoo sunblock in spf 40 liberally before I head out .



?First aid kit, pain killers,( headaches from lack of sleep, menstrual cramps yes they will happen when you least expect it{sanitary napkins}?)bandages, Neosporin ,gauze ( trust me I fell down the stairs leading to the pool and grazed both knees and elbows? ).

?Wipes, baby and anti bacterial , you can’t wash your hands everywhere. The wipes can also be used to freshen up your face and underarms ?. I’ve tried this and it’s a great way to freshen up sweaty underarms midday ? when you can’t get to a shower.?

?A hanging toiletry kit ( mine is from Victoria’s Secret) if you can find it makes things way easier if you are stuck with a small bathroom read airplane toilets ?.

There you have it peeps my travel tips for a casual summer getaway ???!
Share your travel tips with me right here!
Until next time xoxo?